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Easter history project

The Easter break is here!!!!

(Not that most of us realised!)

This does mean that you can take a break from doing the daily tasks that I have set.


I do have a project for you!

Time travelling!



Now, I appreciate that we cannot time travel (properly) yet but your project will involve presenting the history of your own chosen topic. 

This will need to involve you researching and presenting a detailed history of something that you are really interested in.


This could involve (and is not limited to):

sports, countries, places, buildings, clothing, brands, companies, people, families, events, bands/musicians, artists, games, technology, religion, disasters, etc...


As you can see, there are a whole host of things that you could find out about but just choose one to do (unless you wish to do more of course!).


You will want to find out about the origins (where it came from) of your chosen topic and how things have changed with it over time up until the present day. You could even predict what could happen to your chosen topic in the future. How will it change?

Don't just copy and paste loads of facts though!


You can present this however you wish but you could do any of the following: PowerPoint presentation, a video, booklet, poster, a song/rap, etc...


I would love to see as many of these as possible after the Easter break.


Happy Easter!








P.S. - If anyone does discover how to time travel properly, let me know how!