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Woodside Primary School

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Extra Keeping Busy Activities

If you ever need an extra helping hand in choosing the activities you can do on top of the school work. Have a look at the list below and have a go! Email me any photos if you do any!



  • Write an off school diary.
  • Chalk art on the pavement (don't worry, it does wash off).
  • Play scrabble to practise your spellings.
  • Go on a Nature Hunt to see what you can find.
  • Bake a cake! Miss Maddox is a keen baker!
  • Make a den under a table.
  • Do some extra coding on Programming Hour website. 
  • Do a huge puzzle-admittedly Miss Maddox is still trying to complete a Christmas 1000 piece one - oops!
  • Read a book as a family.
  • Do some rock painting.
  • Do some simple science experiments as a family.
  • Times Table Rockstars to practise your times tables.
  • Hama beads- I used to love those in primary school.
  • Make cards for some older people who live near you and post them through their doors.
  • Learn a dance routine.
  • Take some photographs and edit them- I know how good you are at that.
  • Learn how to do origami. See this link for our bookmarks-
  • Write a play, perform and film it. Don't forget to send me it.

All Year Groups Activities Pack