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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Friday 15th May

Joe Wicks PE:


To access the minimaths tasks:

Go to

Click on year 6 arithmetic practice papers

Scroll down to week 21 and open

Write down the questions (or print) and solve them

Answers are available as 'days' under the answers link




If anybody would like to have a game of Times Tables Rock Stars, I propose that at 10:45am-11:15am and/or 2:15pm-2:45pm you log on and we can try and get some games going against each other. I have put two times in case there are some of you who can't get on at one of those times and we will play daily!

No one has been able to beat me yet! My personal best is 79. Bring it on!



For your English task, go to the link for Friday 15th May BBC daily lesson on 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief' by Rick Riordan and watch the videos to complete the activities. 


There is a spelling list below for you to practise and I would like you to select another 7 or 8 to practise. I would suggest that you try them and see which ones you know you need to work on!





For your PSHE task, I would like you to find out the definition of emotional health and mental health to find the difference between them.


Then I would like you to read this:

We can imagine our emotional health as if it’s a well. If we fill our wells
with positive feelings then our emotional health is good, and we feel
emotionally fit and healthy.
Common negative feelings like sadness, anger, stress, pressure, fear
and worry can start to empty our wells, and we can imagine these
making holes in the well, so all the positive feelings start to drain away.
If a person’s well gets very low that’s when a mental illness might
There are lots of things we can do to keep filling our wells with all the
positive feelings and to repair the ‘leaks’ when they happen.’ So, for
example, if a person is feeling stressed, they could talk to someone
about how they are feeling and that might help plug the gap and stop
that negative feeling from doing any more damage.


After reading the above, I would like you to come up with ideas for positive things, thoughts and feelings into your own 'well' and then ideas for negative things that can 'damage' your well and cause it to 'leak'. Next to each of the negative ideas, write or draw an activity or something that you could do, or people you could go to for help, that helps stop the negative emotion causing more damage. I have included a well below if you wish to use it or even use it as a guide. I would advise that you discuss this activity with a parent if possible for ideas and support. You do not have to send this to me or share this as this is personal to you and your own thoughts and feelings.