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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Friday 1st May

Joe Wicks PE:


To access the minimaths tasks:

Go to

Click on year 6 arithmetic practice papers

Scroll down to week 19 and open

Write down the questions (or print) and solve them

Answers are available as 'days' under the answers link



For your maths tasks, I would like to get as many people playing on TTRS (Times Tables Rock Stars) at 10:45am-11:15am and/or 2:15pm-2:45pm. We play in the arena games (so it is just Woodside children) but feel free to play the festival games against each other and the wider world!

 I have put two times in case there are some of you who can't get on at one of those times and we will play daily!

No one has been able to beat me yet! My personal best is 75. Bring it on!



For your English task, go to and then the English task set for Friday 1st May. This will have various tasks and hopefully videos for you to watch and complete based on the 'London Eye Mystery' by Siobhan Dowd (which is in our class library and many people have read). Enjoy!


There is a spelling list below for you to practise. I do not expect you to practise all of the spellings on the list. I would select maybe 7 or 8 from each section to practise. I would suggest that you try them and see which ones you know you need to work on!





This PSHE task is linked closely to our science topic, where we are looking at the workings of the body. For your PSHE task, I would like you to find out the definition of: drugs, unrestricted, restricted, prescribed and illegal. Then create a drugs grid, which details a selection of drugs into 4 categories: unrestricted, restricted, prescribed and illegal.

You do not need to go too in-depth about the details of the drugs but from here, I would like you take possibly 1 or 2 drugs from each of the categories and detail why people take them for a 'positive' effect.

Then I would like you to find out what some of the health risks are and what the effects are on the heart and liver, in particular (if they apply).

You could create a table/grid/poster/PowerPoint or a fact file with your findings.

There are links and resources below that can guide you that are age-appropriate but I would advise that you do look at these with an adult in case of any questions or bits that you are not sure of: