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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March


Reading – read for 20 minutes – talk to someone about your book if you can. If someone can ask you questions about your book, even better!

PE – Choose a PE activity from the PE icon or tune in to ‘P.E. with Joe’!

English – finish your diary about Neil Armstrong. Imagine he is returning to the lunar module and then back to Earth to see his family again. How would he feel? The whole world watched him – he made history. What would the greeting be like when he arrived back on Earth?

Remember the following:

C1 – Make sure you use the past tense, first person, personal pronouns such as I and we and paragraphs.

C2 – As above and include feelings and opinions and adventurous language, fronted adverbials and varied sentences starts.

C3 – As above and try to use adventurous punctuation such as a semi-colon, ellipsis and parenthesis.


Maths – Fun Friday

You need 6 drinking straws each the same length. (If you don’t have straws, just use 6 lengths of paper – the same length, then continue.)

Cut two of them in half. You now have eight straws, four long and four short. You can make two squares from the eight straws, one large and one small.

Challenge: arrange your eight straws to make three squares, all the same size.


Spend some time practising your tables.

Topic our topic in P.S.H.E. this term is ‘Healthy Me’. At school we have looked at the dangers of smoking and alcohol. I would like to you to think about healthy eating today.

Look at the completed eat well plate and the different types of foods in each section. I would like you to devise a breakfast, lunch and dinner that shows this balance. You don’t necessarily have to have diary and proteins in one meal, but there must be a balance throughout the day. If you make any of your ideas, I would love a photo – no pressure parents and carers – please!! Children don’t nag your parents – a drawing is fine!!!