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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Friday 3rd April

Joe Wicks PE:


To access the minimaths tasks:

Go to

Click on year 6 arithmetic practice papers

Scroll down to week 17 and open

Write down the questions (or print) and solve them

Answers are available as 'days' under the answers link





I would like you to write a script for a news report interview between the interviewer and Charles Darwin. The interviewer will want to ask sensible, thoughtful questions that Darwin will respond with the answers. If you construct 4/5 thoughtful questions (that DO NOT just give yes or no as answers) to be put to Darwin and his detailed responses, this would create an interview that should last over a minute.

There are some resources and links below that may help with your questions and responses.


This script could be read between you and another person and even possibly filmed(?) or if you can't PERSUADE someone else, you could read both parts, dressed as the interviewer and not. This bit is just for a bit of fun!



Below are loads of links to STEM based activities that you can choose from to make.

Many of these involve things found around your home or can be made from recycled materials. Feel free to choose any (maybe more than 1...?) activity from these sites or from the STEM challenge cards on the pdf file. Please check with parents that you can use the resources to make them before doing any of these and make sure that you take pictures and videos for me to see! 

Happy STEMing!


Remember to update your food diary and assess how 'well' you have eaten this week.

You do not have to share this with me as this is something for your to think about and see how you can make positive changes to your eating habits!

Which food groups have you had lots of?

Which food groups have you not had enough of this week (that you should have!)?

What has this food diary shown you about your eating habits? Will this help make a change to your eating habits (if you feel you need to)?

How will making changes be important to you?