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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Hall of Fame!

Welcome to the Hall of Fame!


We are very much looking forward to receiving the work you do and we thought we can celebrate your efforts with your very own Hall of Fame gallery. Work that you send in, whether it's a drawing, writing, typing, a video, followed a recipe, used your maths to help weigh out ingredients and baked a cake and want to show us... simply anything at all that you do that you are proud of can be sent in via the Year 2 email and we will post it up here. 


Happy learning! 


Mrs Charalambous & Mrs Yiasoumi


Beatrice is working hard but had a well-deserved day off for her birthday. We hope you had a lovely day!

Loui is a super star at home! He is working through all the work & is always smiling!

Serena has been taking advantage of the lovely weather!

Josh (and daddy!) have learnt to play 'We Are The Champions', which has been re-released in aid of the NHS - BEAUTIFUL!

Still image for this video

Josh is now a Weather Man! Glad to see the UK isn't completely covered in clouds!

Look at all this hard work from Remi! And we are super impressed with the pillow she made using a sewing machine!

Wow! What beautiful writing from Bianca! Keep up the hard work

Alice has been working hard on reading the time & is entering the Queen's Handwriting competition!

Tommy celebrating VE day in style, great poster!

Remi is looking after his little pig, she has named him Chops ( I love the name!)

Miles has been working really hard and enjoyed a lovely bike ride in the forest.

Fady has been super busy, he always puts 100% effort in all he does!

Bianca has been practicing her timetables in the sunshine!

Who's this happy chappy? It's lovely to see Frankie out enjoying time in the garden. Some great learning opportunities to be had!

Sadie has been working hard in Maths (despite finding it tricky!) and has been preparing for VE Day!

Oscar has been learning about VE Day!

Another busy week for Elizabeth! She has been working super hard and enjoyed the sunshine too!

Elizabeth is practicing her gymnastics in the sunshine - incredible!

Still image for this video

Tommy has been working hard and enjoying the warm weather. He was lucky enough to spot and feed some goslings too!

Beatrice has been tackling the work this week with great effort.

Surprise! Alice woke up to something very special this morning...

Still image for this video

How beautiful!

Still image for this video

Alice named the butterfly Flutter!

We can't keep up with Alice! She continues to astound us with her effort and hard work!

Remi-Lei is a little chef! Look at that incredible lasagna she made - can we have a slice?

Remi-Lei's bird update:

She has released the bird back into the wild - what fantastic news!

Bianca has been a busy bee at home! Look at all this work she has been doing over the last few weeks - amazing!

Serena should be very proud of her hard work !

Beatrice in a magazine with her horse and some fantastic work she has completed this week.

Elizabeth's great work! A lovely smile from Elizabeth too.

Tommy has been working hard and having lots of fun with his sister Harper! A great start on your fact file Tommy.

Remi found a trapped bird in her garden fence, she rescued it and has been looking after it. Your a very kind girl Remi- Lei!

Loui working hard as always and still keeping fit with Maci and Joe Wicks.

Some great updates from Alice.

Alice's caterpillar update

Still image for this video

Serena's superb story, Part 1

Still image for this video

Part 2

Still image for this video

Part 3

Still image for this video

Aydin and Ayla busy completing there calculations and doing some lovely drawings!

Some lovely photos from Remi!

An outstanding piece of work from Jacob, words can't describe how proud I am!

Ayla's fantastic dance moves, shes been practising over and over again ! Great job!

Still image for this video

Listen to Miles' fantastic story, very impressive!

miles story.mp4

Still image for this video

Happy birthday Oscar. Oscar is a very lucky boy he had a great sports day theme birthday party!

Delcie has been super busy working hard and having fun! Look at the snacks she has for her home cinema.

Eva is busy with a maths game at home!

We are BLOWN AWAY by Josh's fantastic fairy tale! He should be so very proud of himself!

Still image for this video

Josh's story that he has written out:

Loui is hard at work this week - again! Such a pleasure to see!

It's Sadie's birthday tomorrow! What a beautiful cake you have made!

Serena's first part of her fairy tale...

A short little poem that made Alice (and us!) giggle

Still image for this video

We are always blown away by the amount that Alfonzo is doing at home - we are very proud :)

Alice has been busy at home yet again! A great balance of school work and fun :)

Eva's Fairy Tale - beautifully written!

Beatrice's Fairy Tale!

Still image for this video
This is fantastic!
Can you hear what the moral of the story is?

Beatrice has been hard at work with her fractions and grammar

How proud does Josh look after reading his favourite part of Horrid Henry?! We are so very proud of you, Josh!

Still image for this video

Alice has some new fuzzy friends - Caterpillars! Look at how quickly they are growing! Keep us posted with their development. Fascinating stuff!

Aydin & Ayla have drawn some beautiful pictures - we miss you all !

Look how many books Alice has read, Mrs Grew is going to be so impressed just like we are. Outstanding Alice!

Superstar Serena strikes again, she's on a roll!

Loui's day out and work of course! He walked from Goffs Oak all the way to Cheshunt to visit his Nanny Carol! You must have sore feet today Loui.

Delcie looking like a POPSTAR! what a lovely new bike and of course some great work.

Isla our next star baker. I'm expecting lots of cakes when we go back to school Isla!

Jacob has been working hard and enjoying the sunshine with his sister Eva.

Still image for this video

Miles has been super busy. I particularly like his Gravitax track and his lovely letter with beautiful handwriting.

Miles' Gravitax track

Still image for this video

Loui is practicing his reading at every opportunity - Well done!

Still image for this video

How do you find the time to do so much, Loui? We are so impressed by the hard work you are doing!

Evie & Ellis have been working hard at home and have made time to do Cosmic Yoga (a popular choice at our household too!)

It's great to see the variety of work you are doing at home. Elizabeth has been busy crafting for St George's Day, working hard in her learning and baking! Busy busy busy!

We are so excited to reading Josh's fairy tale - this looks incredible so far!

Can you find the woodpecker?

Arjeta needs a bigger table for all the work she has been doing! Looks fantastic!

Loui is making fantastic progress in his reading!

Still image for this video

Elizabeth has really put the effort into her Easter project - it is stunning! We also loved her fairy tale idea and were very touched by her choice of character, the Super Nurse.

Happy St George's Day from Josh!

Beatrice has been reading and practicing her Kung-Fu Punctuation!

Splish Splash!

Still image for this video
Today is definitely the day to be enjoying the beautiful sunshine in the pool!

Alice always impresses us with the hard work she is doing at home. And she always does it with a smile!

Frankie has created this beautiful ice sculpture from flowers and leaves he has been collecting on his walks. It's incredible how something so simple can look so pretty!

I smile from ear to ear when I get an email from Alfonzo - he has been super busy over the last few weeks!

Crazy Golf at Alfonzo's

Still image for this video
How busy has Alfonzo and his family been?! I wish I could have a go at this fantastic course!!

We love to see the variety of work Fady is getting stuck into. It all looks AMAZING!

An update from Beatrice's plants - look at how they've grown! :)

It's great to see Serena working so hard in her English work - these fairy tales are going to be amazing!

Loui has already been busy working hard and is definitely making the most of the beautiful sunshine we are having!

Eva planted a bean, she is waiting patiently for it to grow.

Sadie has been having a great time at home, shes been super busy even with Pilates. WOW!

Fantastic pictures Loui, your writing has improved so much! Keep smiling!

Serena has been working hard as always!

Jacob had fun writing his character description in preparation for his story. Its been his favourite activity so far!

Alice planted a bean, look how much its grown!

EASTER PROJECT! Please have a look at some of your friends work. I love looking at the photos.

It's great to see so many bakers in year 2! Arjeta has been making hot cross buns - they look DELICIOUS!

More hard work from Tommy this week! He particularly enjoyed learning about the different continents & helping his sister with her reading.

Tommy's football skills are mind blowing! Great to see you are keeping active!

Still image for this video

You have all been so creative with the money topic in maths this week - Serena's shop is open for business!

We are blown away by the hard work Alice has been putting into her home learning!

Remi-Lei has been working hard again this week. Mrs Charalambous is particularly impressed with the portrait you did!

Absolutely loving the portrait :)

Isla appears to be another contestant for the Great British Bake Off as she's been busy making bread at home! She has also been working hard with some work books at home - well done!

Eva has been very creative and produced a piece of art in her garden!

Josh has really got stuck in with the money topic that has been set!

Alfonzo has been enjoying all aspects of his learning this week. We are excited to see what happens with your Science experiment!

Alfonzo confidently reads out his summary of the book Marge in Charge!

Still image for this video

Arjeta has been making Easter cards - how festive!

Some interesting writing from Serena today. Lovely to see you're continuing to work hard!

Josh has been brushing up on his map skills - Great work & presentation!

Bertie looks like he'll be a phonics whizz soon! Keep up the hard work.

Still image for this video

We have some busy bees this week - and it's only Wednesday!

Loui has had a fantastic time playing shops with his sister. What a great way of learning and applying your maths skills!

The Corbally's Convenience Store - is open for business!

Still image for this video

Beatrice has been busy again at home. Very impressed with her writing!

Beautiful writing Arjeta!

Alfonzo from the Great British bake off! Fantastic, i loved your little video! You have been really busy.


Still image for this video

Sadie has been super busy... shes been enjoying herself and having a great time learning!

Frankie has been having a great time. He has done lots of work but has done a spot of baking and gardening too!

Serena has been having lots of fun! Serena and Lilia have had a disco in every room of the house!

This made me smile! Thank you Serena

Bertwood has been super busy with his phonics! Look at his new hairstyle, you look great!!

Fady has been getting very crafty! Look at his Ice cream parlour, very impressed and beautifully painted pictures!

More great photos from Alice!

Board game fun with Ewan!
3d animal fun!
Keeping up with My Maths! Good girl!

Remi-Lei what a lovely smile!! I can see your working really hard!

Happy Birthday Alice! We hope you had a great day!! Your work has been outstanding this week, as always! Take a look!

Busy reading!
Alice came to visit Woodside!
Outstanding Music! My favourite!
Mummy's doing a great job!
Beautiful sunflowers for Mrs Ginty!

Delcie and Arthur have been very busy! Look at Delcie's mosaic table she is making in her Garden! Looks amazing so far, I can't wait to see the end produc!

Jacob has been super busy with his work, Fantastic. I particularly like your painted tree house that you have been working on!

It was lovely to see what Beatrice has been up to. It looks like you have been working hard but enjoying the sunshine also!

Miles has been super busy this week! This is great, keep up the good work. I've heard Miles has started to touch type, very impressive!

We love seeing everyone hard at work and both Mrs Yiasoumi and I are even more impressed with Tommy's DIY skills! Another fun filled week at Tommy's house. He has been working hard on Hansel & Gretel, been focused on his Maths and even helped out his sister with her Space project. Well done!

What a fantastic project you helped create!
We have some jobs for you, Tommy!

Lots of hard work from Serena this week and looked at the inverse in Maths. Can you remember what the inverse is? She has also learnt about Easter and has been exploring coin rubbing too.

Elizabeth has had a very busy week getting stuck into her home learning! She's tackled her Maths, English, reading but has also made time for some fun in the sun!

Eva's portrait of her mum - beautiful!

Eva has been learning her times tables with the help of her brother, Jaxon.

Still image for this video

Happy Birthday Song on the keyboard - Eva has many talents!

Still image for this video
We love seeing the different talents in Year 2 - well done Eva.
You could have this playing whilst washing your hands!

Sadie has had a smashing time at home! She's been working hard with the home learning activities and has been keeping active too. Those boxing gloves suit her!

Working hard with a smile!
Boxing is a great way to keep fit!
Supporting the amazing NHS :)

We are loving the daily updates in Loui's household!

I think Joe Wicks won this round...
Family walks in the sunshine!
Oh how we are all missing school!
Hard at work doing maths
A fantastic effort Loui!
A lovely portrait of Dele Alli!

Alfonzo has been busy this week with building a junk model castle, taking part in the Joe Wicks workout and reading every day. Keep up the great work!

Alfonzo's Kingdom!
It comes with a working drawbridge!
A fabulous junk model castle.

Josh has been busy again!

A fabulous self portrait - look at the detail!
Josh is definitely exercising his brain.

The hard work continues at Eva's home. She has been busy doing a range of activities and has been hard at work following the timetable - fantastic!

Eva and her brother have been cooking cupcakes that look delicious (I hope you are saving us some!!) and have made some adorable stick people.

It's great to see everyone at Eva's home joining in with the daily Joe Wicks stream!

Josh has been busy practicing the spelling pattern of the /s/ sound spelt c before e, i and y using games online. His 'Healthy' dinner plate looks delicious and explained to his dad that there was 'only one slice' of pizza! Could do with adding a few vegetables though, Josh! :) But super impressed with the effort!

Louis has been sending lots of photos of his work but its great hes having fun too! In these pictures hes reading to his dog Coco and he enjoyed role-playing in the Garden! You would make a great swimming instructor Loui!

Eva has been very busy with her subtraction number sentences! Fantastic!

Serena has completed all her work and has been enjoying the sunshine. I'm glad your having fun Serena!!

Outstanding work today by some of the Year 2 Children!

Louis has been very busy! He started off his day with a Joe Wicks workout, followed by a full day of work! Super impressive Loui!

Fady made a map of his local area. I'm glad you didn't forget the Fish and chip shop! A fantastic job!

Josh has been busy again! He's made a story board for the Story of Hansel and Gretel. A beautiful piece of work !!

More fantastic work from Eva, shes had a very busy first day!! Superstar work!

Josh delved into the world of Hansel & Gretel!

Some fantastic sentences retelling the story.
After looking at Google maps, he made his own map!

Jacob wrote his own book - The Spy!

Front Cover
His story