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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Home Learning Challenges!

Daily Tasks


Read your home-school book or any text for 20 minutes. Remember to do the 5 finger test to make sure the book you are reading is a good level for you. Ask a parent to sign your reading record every day. If you have lost your reading record or left it at school, make yourself a chart to record your reading on.



Physical Activities

Complete at least 10 minutes of physical activity.  This could be jogging, skipping, dancing etc. Please check with a parent if you want to use the links below.  Check out the NEW PE games in the resources area. 


Multiplication Practise 

Every day 10 Minutes  - Practise your multiplication tables. Do the MTC and record your score as often as you can . Printable sheets available on the maths resource page.


Each week I will either leave you a rule to learn or a list of statutory spelling words. I will also leave some extension words if the class set are too easy for you. If you have been emailed a personal list of spellings, please focus on those. 


Please learn the words throughout the week as you usually would and ask someone at home to test you on a Friday. If you want to send me your score you can. enlightenedyes