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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Home Learning Superstars!

Friday's Superstars!

Charlie's useful instructions part 1
Charlie's useful instructions part 2
Faye's musical artwork
Oliver's scrambled eggs instructions - yum!
 A visit to the village hall!
Excellent research on the local area!
Thank you for the poem Faye!
Maci working hard as always!
Theodora's super English
Oliver's brilliant research on the local area!
Oliver's brilliant research on the local area!
Oliver's brilliant research on the local area!

Wednesday's Stars!

Excellent reading Jack!
Lilia's flower pressing collection
Good choice of flowers Maria!
Oliver's super collection
Charlies super science

Tuesday's Superstars!

Jack's super neat maths!
Maci's brilliant maths!
Maria has been following origami instructions!
Oliver's teeth/ egg experiment results!
Oliver's super science!

Monday's Superstars!

Charlie's research about the 8 fold path
Charlie's egg experiment results!
Charlie's article about his experiment!
Donnie working very hard!
Jack found an unusual butterfly!
Lilia's English
Maria's super book review!
Lilia's growth mindset work
Valentene's growth mindset work
Jack hard at work!

Theodora's Goalie skills!

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Friday's Superstars!

Eva's painting by numbers
A super article
Maci's growtth mindset poster
Eva's growth mindset leaflet
Jack's growth mindset poster
Jaxon's report
Maria's growth mindset poster
Maria's netball article
Oliver's Ancient Egyptian Day article

Charlie and Oliver's newspaper articles

Nature art gallery superstars!

Thursday's superstars

Maria's map drawing skills!
Max and Henry's egg experiment!

Theodora's practical map making skills!

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Learning to skate!

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Wednesday's superstars!

Theodora's super English work
It's maths time!
Pin the tail on the donkey for Kyri!
Some super spellings!
A recycling challenge for cubs!
Kyri's X7 times tables
Great idea for exercise!
Jack and Joe!

Tuesday Stars!

Charlie's maths
Charlie's music portrait
Faye's music portraits
VE day art
Well done Maci!
Maria's capacity work
careful measuring!
Oliver B did some family research!
Oliver S's work!
Stanley's experiment :)
Theodora's maths yesterday :)

Oliver B's egg experiment results!

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Over the weekend and Monday Stars!

Chloe's super neat mass chart!
Chloe's weighing skills!
Henry looking cool whilst weighing!
Jack's super scales!
Maria's ICT skills maths chart!
Don't peek at the labels!
Max and Henry's VE day celebrations!
A social distance book swap visit!
Oliver's fantastic music portraits!
Oliver S's super maths chart!
Stanley A's wonderful maths!
Great choice Maci! What is everyone else reading?
Super VE  Day celebrations!

The Battam family VE day celebrations!

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Oliver's elephant toothpaste experiment!

Still image for this video

Thursday Superstars!

Wesak day crafts!
Cracking Morse code together!
Faye's ready to celebrate!
Super flags!
Handmade flags from Jack!
A great reason to make a paper plane!
A lovely lantern Maria!
Max and Henry's super lanterns!
Beautiful colouring Oliver!
A colourful plane Lilia, well done!
Lovely work Maci!

Wednesday's Stars (and some I missed on Tuesday!)

Charlie's super science
Donnie's wonderful maths
Donnie's VE day art!
Theodora had another visitor!
Maria's VE day art
A very cute surprise gift in the post!
Oliver B working hard on his VE day bunting
Oliver S's super graph work
Some super maths!
Valentene's super science
Valentene's VE day art!

Looks like fun!

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Tuesday's Stars

Charlie's maths
Faye's science
Kyri has been making Pizza! Yum!
Lilia's PSHE
Maci's maths
Making the dough!
Oliver B's teeth science experiment
Maci found a stone display for the NHS on her walk
...and a rainbow!

Monday Stars!

Maci's maths!
Maria making her French poster with flaps!
Oliver B's French game!
Oliver S's French work!
One of Stanley's Maths pieces!
Theodora had a socially distanced visitor today!
Eva S making bread for dinner with her sister!
Theodora's super French!

Congratulations to Valentene who was awarded 2 golds placings and 2 silver placings at her online Dance festival!

Friday's Stars!

Donnie's maths!
Faye did lots of great work from the Oak Academy!
Oliver's sports skills!
Oliver B's super description!
Theodora's PSHE
Theodora's super description!
Valentine's maths!
Charlie's PSHE

Thursday's Stars!

Lilia's maze!
A wonderful sewing present!
Maria's map!
Oliver's map!
Well done Valentene!
Oliver S's description!
Oliver S's map!
Charlie's maze!
Faye's super maths!
Oliver B's description work!
Oliver B's map!
Charlie's description!

Maci's birthday gym mat!

Still image for this video

Wednesday's Stars!

Oliver S's Google doodle!
Eva's super description!
Donnie's maze!
Donnie's description!
Elliot's maze!
Looks like fun!
Jack drew his own clocks!
Oliver B's creative description!
Theodora's super description!
Valentene's description!
Valentine's maze!
Eva's nature maze!
Well done Jacob too!
Immy's white tak maze!
Maria's mega maze!
Well done to Oliver!
Miles' glue gun and string maze!

Oliver's Amazing Maze!

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Tuesday's Stars!

Theodora is learning to play Backgammon!
Elliot's alphabet activity!
Great use of your VOCA Elliot!
More games!
Faye H's creative description work!
Well done Theodora!
Theodora's digestive system work.
Charlie's description work
Maci's time poster
Miles' experiment
Miles' experiment
Miles' experiment

Charlie's joke: 


How do Jedis contact each other?

On their Yodaphones! wink

Monday's Stars!

Eva S's Google Doodle!
Jack's super maths!
Lilia's Google Doodle!
Miles' Google Doodle!
Oliver S's reading comprehension!
Theodora's super time poster!
Theodora's Google Doodle!
Miles' creative time poster!
Maria's detailed time poster!
Chloe's zentangles!
Exercise time!
Chloe's proper nouns work
Donnie's time poster!
A colourful time poster!
Kayden's super sentences!
Maci reading to her brother!
Maci and Loui off for a long walk!
Donnie and Valentene's crafts!
Valentene crafting!

Jack's Joke! 


Question: Why wouldn’t you hold sports day in the jungle?
Answer: There are too many cheaters!! laughwink

Chloe's talking doodle!

Still image for this video

Faye's talking doodle!

Still image for this video

Faye's exercise video!

Still image for this video

Oliver B's Google Doodle sound effects!

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Friday's stars!

Anka's spellings and Music picture!
Elliot getting some exercise in!
Elliot's healthy eating work!
Faye's photography practise!
Exercise in the sun!
Faye W's zentangle
Jack's daily exercise
Kyri's super hot air balloon!
Kyri's family have started a wall of art!
Bit of phonics practise!
Theodora's dress up with Joe today!
Painting rainbows!
Theodora's creative writing!
Maci's creative writing!
Eva and Jacob enjoying the sun!
Oliver's desert island work!
Super spellings! Well done!

A return poem for Maci !

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Thursday's Stars! So many today!

Charlie's expanded noun phrases
Such creative ideas!
Charlie's zentangle!
Eva M's super neat science!
Taking the map work even further!
Faye H's zentangle
Faye's handmade rainbow badge
Jaxon's Roman Numerals
Kayden's still his way through his Easter eggs!
Being very helpful!
Super sewing of seeds!
Maria's ideal reading spot today!
Oliver B did a mile hike for the scouts!
Oliver S's brilliant geography!
Theodora's sentence work!
Theodora's creative zentangles!
Jack's verb work!
Mrs Constantinou joined in!
Miles's Mum fancied some zen too!
Mile's super zentangle!

Adverb charades at it's best!

Still image for this video

Did someone say pool party?

Still image for this video

She shoots, she scores!

Still image for this video

Wednesday's Super Stars!

Lilia and Jasmin in the garden!
Lilia's zentangle!
Maci's super work on expanded noun phrases!
What a brilliant way to spend the afternoon!
Congratulations Valentene!
Oliver B's super detailed zentangle!
Oliver S's creative zentangle!
Stanley A's zentangle with hidden story inside!
Stanley H's Roman Numeral clock!
Stanley H's superb zentangle!

Tuesday Super Stars!

Eva and Jacob's tent!
Jack's baking!
Keeping fit with Joe...
An excellent science model!
Lilia's super maths!
Maci's noun work.
Maci's science
Oliver S's maths and science!
Oliver S's  super English work !
Theodora's Easter fun with her mascot!
An Easter break picnic!
Valentene's virtual dance festival achievement!

Eva's engineering day!

Still image for this video

Jaxon's music movements

Still image for this video

Monday's Super Stars

Oliver B's comprehension work
Oliver S's Roman Numerals
Charlie's Roman Numerals
Eva M's comprehension
Macie's Roman Numerals
Maria's Roman Numerals
Theodora's Roman Numerals
Well done also to Faye H who has worked really hard to move from finalist to Olympic star in the Olympic challenge over the Easter break! yeslaugh

Theodora's musical movements!

Still image for this video

Lilia's music movements!

Still image for this video

Some of your photos from the Easter break :)

Happy Birthday Elliot for yesterday!
A lovely birthday spread!
Some super art work by Kyri!
Happy Greek Easter! Look out for the video!
Kyri's kite flying skills!
Lilia made an egg hat for Jasmin!
Oliver and mascot Groot baking Easter goodies!
Oliver's flapjacks!
Having a kick around in the garden!
Eva M's beautiful daffodil!
Charlie's Easter Bunny maths
Charlie's Fibonacci Challenge!
Charlie's Easter Simnel cake - yum!

Happy Greek Easter from Kyri!

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Friday Super Stars!

A lovley Thank You for mum!
Chloe's beautifully presented work!
Dress up Joe work out today!
Donnie's Easter poem.
Faye's Thank You to mum!
Maci's thoughful poem!
Oliver passed his drum exam! CONGRATULATIONS!
Oliver B's Haiku!
Chalie's Haikus!
Valentene's Easter poem!

Super Star videos!

Still image for this video

Jaxon's poem

Still image for this video

Oliver B's poem

Still image for this video

Thursday Super Star Learners!

Jaxon's Easter story.
Oliver S's spring Haiku!
Faye W's lovely Haiku and illustration!
Chloe's beautiful daffodil picture!
Help from a doggy friend!
Great work Elliot!
Faye H's creative poem!
A wonderful daffodil Miles!
And some super maths!
Theodora's lovely cat poem!
Well done Jaxon! A super score!
Eva's Easter chick card!

Stanley and dad's battle!

Still image for this video

Wednesday Super Stars!

Battams family treats today!
Donnie's Easter chick art!
A wonderful poem and illustration by Faye W.
Jaxon's learning how to train his dragon!
Maci & Loui had great fun running their own shop!
Great growth mindset this week Maci!
Oliver B's lovely poem!
Valentene's arty afternoon!
Charlie's poetry!

Tuesday Super Stars!

Elliot has been enjoying a puzzle or two!
Faye has been living dangerously!
Oliver has been building!
...and painting!
Marshmallow was inspired!
Lilia's beautiful pressed flowers!
Stanley has made some Easter nest cakes!
And written a fasntastic report on cars!
Theodora's creations!
Keeping busy in the kitchen!

Monday Super Stars!

Charlie's Greek gods report!
A lovely note and some runes from Chloe!
Eva's message for god sister Bella!
Jack's Coding session!
A lovely nature walk!
Kyri's close escape!
Lilia's baking skills!
Maria's super fractions!
Maria's family rock!
Jack, you can come and cook for me!

Friday's Super Stars in a slide show! Well done to everyone for working so brilliantly this week. You have made me proud!

Painting in the sun!
A spot of gardening!
Leaning about runes...
Making runes!
A bit of outdoor learning...
Super  Star  runes!
Stanley's nature scavenger hunt!

Oliver's how to make a bioluminescent jellyfish!

Still image for this video
Great cake making Jaxon!
They look delicious!
Lots of you have been crafting this week!
Lilia's science experiment!
Scientist Maria hard at work!
Outdoor learning at it's best! Eva's daisy chain!

Today's Y4 Super Stars!

Well done Maci for her report work on cats!
Also some superb exercise and Angela's iDance!
Fantasic research on Volcanoes from Oliver B!
Excellent lego structures made by Oliver S!
A brilliant report on elephants by Jaxon!
I've also head that Theodora is getting on brilliantly and I have been taught lots by Miles about Super Cars in his informative report! Well done everyone for a superb day 2!
Well done to Stanley A, another Home Learning Super Star, who sent me a video today showing me his brilliant work on Scratch Junior! Loving the virtual classroom Stanley! yeslaugh
Well done Maria for her detailed research on cats!
A great idea Kyri! I might make one too!
Home school off to a flying start!
Another Super Star! Well done Charlie!
laugh Eva Mason is our first Home Learning Super Star! She has been super creative this week by tidying her tree house and making it into an 'author and artist tree house' with her brother! What a great idea! Well done Eva! yes