Happy Easter to all of our Woodside Families. Stay safe.

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Home Learning Super Stars!

Egg Diorama Competition Entries...

Friday Super Stars!

Friday Super Stars! 1 A lovley Thank You for mum!
Friday Super Stars! 2 Chloe's beautifully presented work!
Friday Super Stars! 3 Dress up Joe work out today!
Friday Super Stars! 4 Donnie's Easter poem.
Friday Super Stars! 5 Faye's Thank You to mum!
Friday Super Stars! 6 Maci's thoughful poem!
Friday Super Stars! 7 Oliver passed his drum exam! CONGRATULATIONS!
Friday Super Stars! 8 Oliver B's Haiku!
Friday Super Stars! 9 Chalie's Haikus!
Friday Super Stars! 10 Valentene's Easter poem!

Super Star videos!

Still image for this video

Jaxon's poem

Still image for this video

Oliver B's poem

Still image for this video

Thursday Super Star Learners!

Thursday Super Star Learners!  1 Jaxon's Easter story.
Thursday Super Star Learners!  2 Oliver S's spring Haiku!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  3 Faye W's lovely Haiku and illustration!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  4 Chloe's beautiful daffodil picture!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  5 Help from a doggy friend!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  6 Great work Elliot!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  7 Faye H's creative poem!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  8 A wonderful daffodil Miles!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  9 And some super maths!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  10 Theodora's lovely cat poem!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  11 Well done Jaxon! A super score!
Thursday Super Star Learners!  12 Eva's Easter chick card!

Stanley and dad's battle!

Still image for this video

Wednesday Super Stars!

Wednesday Super Stars!  1 Battams family treats today!
Wednesday Super Stars!  2 Donnie's Easter chick art!
Wednesday Super Stars!  3 A wonderful poem and illustration by Faye W.
Wednesday Super Stars!  4 Jaxon's learning how to train his dragon!
Wednesday Super Stars!  5 Maci & Loui had great fun running their own shop!
Wednesday Super Stars!  6 Great growth mindset this week Maci!
Wednesday Super Stars!  7 Oliver B's lovely poem!
Wednesday Super Stars!  8 Valentene's arty afternoon!
Wednesday Super Stars!  9 Charlie's poetry!

Tuesday Super Stars!

Tuesday Super Stars! 1 Elliot has been enjoying a puzzle or two!
Tuesday Super Stars! 2 Faye has been living dangerously!
Tuesday Super Stars! 3 Oliver has been building!
Tuesday Super Stars! 4 ...and painting!
Tuesday Super Stars! 5 Marshmallow was inspired!
Tuesday Super Stars! 6 Lilia's beautiful pressed flowers!
Tuesday Super Stars! 7 Stanley has made some Easter nest cakes!
Tuesday Super Stars! 8 And written a fasntastic report on cars!
Tuesday Super Stars! 9 Theodora's creations!
Tuesday Super Stars! 10 Keeping busy in the kitchen!

Monday Super Stars!

Monday Super Stars!  1 Charlie's Greek gods report!
Monday Super Stars!  2 A lovely note and some runes from Chloe!
Monday Super Stars!  3 Eva's message for god sister Bella!
Monday Super Stars!  4 Jack's Coding session!
Monday Super Stars!  5 A lovely nature walk!
Monday Super Stars!  6 Kyri's close escape!
Monday Super Stars!  7 Lilia's baking skills!
Monday Super Stars!  8 Maria's super fractions!
Monday Super Stars!  9 Maria's family rock!
Monday Super Stars!  10 Jack, you can come and cook for me!

Friday's Super Stars in a slide show! Well done to everyone for working so brilliantly this week. You have made me proud!

Picture 1 Painting in the sun!
Picture 2 A spot of gardening!
Picture 3 Leaning about runes...
Picture 4 Making runes!
Picture 5 A bit of outdoor learning...
Picture 6 Super Star runes!
Picture 1 Stanley's nature scavenger hunt!

Oliver's how to make a bioluminescent jellyfish!

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Great cake making Jaxon!
Picture 2 They look delicious!
Picture 3 Lots of you have been crafting this week!
Picture 4 Lilia's science experiment!
Picture 5 Scientist Maria hard at work!
Picture 6 Outdoor learning at it's best! Eva's daisy chain!

Today's Y4 Super Stars!

Today's Y4 Super Stars!  1 Well done Maci for her report work on cats!
Today's Y4 Super Stars!  2 Also some superb exercise and Angela's iDance!
Today's Y4 Super Stars!  3 Fantasic research on Volcanoes from Oliver B!
Today's Y4 Super Stars!  4 Excellent lego structures made by Oliver S!
Today's Y4 Super Stars!  5 A brilliant report on elephants by Jaxon!
I've also head that Theodora is getting on brilliantly and I have been taught lots by Miles about Super Cars in his informative report! Well done everyone for a superb day 2!
Well done to Stanley A, another Home Learning Super Star, who sent me a video today showing me his brilliant work on Scratch Junior! Loving the virtual classroom Stanley! yeslaugh
Picture 1 Well done Maria for her detailed research on cats!
Picture 2 A great idea Kyri! I might make one too!
Picture 3 Home school off to a flying start!
Picture 1 Another Super Star! Well done Charlie!
laugh Eva Mason is our first Home Learning Super Star! She has been super creative this week by tidying her tree house and making it into an 'author and artist tree house' with her brother! What a great idea! Well done Eva! yes