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Daily messages from Mr Brown



Good morning, hope that you are all well and have enjoyed the half-term holiday. This week I will be uploading here as well as on Google Classroom. This will be my last daily message here. The rest will be only on Google Classroom in the stream. The reason I will still be uploading work to the class page this week, is to ease the transition and that for anyone who has problems with Google Classroom will still be able to have access to work.  However some of the work was created on Google Classroom, so is only available there :)


Mr B



Another warm morning today, Summer is ever closer it seems. My haircut went well and i wont have to wear hats outside, but I will to keep in the shade!  


Next week is half-term week, so I won't be setting any day to day work. However, I have some optional work for you. Parents you can choose if the word optional gets lost!  There is as always the Friday quiz that you can complete 


Half term work ideas 


1. Create your own board game

  • A reimagined snakes and ladders
  • Turn your favourite game into a board game
  • To make a traditional roll the dice game with good and bad spaces on and has to get to the end
  • To make a trivia game where you make the questions up on cards.
  • then either type up or write up the instructions or rules on how to play 


2. Create and keep a holiday diary / scrapbook of everything you do during half term#


3. Create your own quiz for me to try and complete.


4. Like the Easter holiday, complete a model or written project, but this time you get to choose what it is on.


Hope these ideas help 


and to finish off here is me with my new haircut 

Have a lovely half term

and see you in June


Mr B

Good Morning Year 1,


I am a bit late with the message today, I couldn't sleep last night as I was too hot! so I woke up a bit later than usual!  Today is haircut day. Once I have written this and replied to the emails I have waiting,I will cut the mop. Wish me luck. I hope everyone is alright today. Yesterday or Today you will of received a message from Mrs Ginty talking about Google Classroom.  I will be sending your username and passwords. The passwords are randomly generated and are 2 words put together to help with easy remembering. There will also be a link to a video I have made about how to use Google Classroom. This will be used instead of the website for work after half term. Once we switch, there will be no need to use the email system we have now. However, If you still wish to use the email as you are finding Google Classroom fiddly to get to grips with or wish to send a message directly to me, I will still be checking the year 1 email throughout the day as usual .


Mr Brown laugh



Good morning year 1, Hope you are well on another bright and sunny day. It certainly seems that the summer is coming very soon! Have fun in the garden or somewhere outside, remember shade breaks, sun cream and hats! it's lovely for me to have the backdoor wide open and listen to all the bird songs from the garden. I think tomorrow I will have to do a lockdown haircut as my hair is bothering me now! Maybe ill put a picture up when it is done. Have a wonderful day, see you soon.




Good Morning Year 1, It was lovely to see some of you yesterday at the book collection, My haven't some of you grown in the last few weeks! The weather has been excellent, so it has been great to get outside, but stay safe by remembering your hats and suncream! I forgot my suncream yesterday and got a slightly burnt neck yesterday. Hope you enjoy your day today. :) 



Good Morning Year 1, 


I hope that you have had an excellent weekend filled with sun, laughter and good times! We start another beautiful day today :).  It has been pointed out to me that the White rose maths is no longer providing worksheets for the content covered in the home learning. Therefore I have made my own/sourced from other locations and these are now in the daily folder with the other work in. The title of the documents should match the title of the work being done.  I hope to see you today for book collection. A reminder that the timing has been shortened from 1-3 to 1-2. Hope to see you there :) 


Mr Brown

15.05.20 B


Hello, Year 1. It has been brought to my attention that my Friday video has no sound! I woke up a bit late today and quickly made it and put it straight online without checking it. Oops. It seems to me my Microphone settings were not correct. Sorry about that. I don't say anything important in the video, but, The question I got asked yesterday was what is my favourite lego set I own, I do go and show off a lego set for a couple of minutes. Hope you enjoy your Friday, Your weekend and hope to see you Monday for book collection! 


Mr B


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video



I know I said I wouldn't be posting an update, but wanted to say that the quiz has been uploaded onto the class page for the weekend as normal. It is a VE day related quiz about WW2 I have tried to make it light hearted and fun, to give the children a little bit of knowledge about the war! Adults should definitely know which answers are right or not. Picture round is flags. See some of you Monday for book collections! 



Thank you for all your emails yesterday :). For those asking, all of us enjoyed the training, and are looking forward to seeing all of the work that you did while we were busy working too. There will be lots of important updates in the newsletter today, :) *just a heads up* It is a wonderful sunny day today so enjoy today as the last working day of the week! I will not be posting an update tomorrow so I wish you all a happy weekend, enjoy the bank holiday and remember to wave your bunting enthusiastically!



Good morning Year 1,

It feels strange writing this Tuesday night rather than Wednesday morning, but due to the inset day tomorrow I won't be able to write a message tomorrow morning. I will like to remind you that I will not be replying to emails tomorrow. 


Mrs Harris Says - 

I'm missing you and have been looking at the work you have been doing and I have been soo impressed with your work! If you have seen it, I have loved the class photo and seeing your little faces. I have been doing some knitting and looking after my dog Brynley who is 15 and sleeping a lot. 



GOOOOOOooooooooooDDDDDDDddddddd MMMMMooorrrrrrnnniiiiiinnnnngggg Year 1, 

Managed to fit it all on 1 line :), Hope you are all well and doing fine. The sun seems to be out this week which is a relief after the end of last week. I have been in the garden doing some more photography and will show you the pictures I have taken below. I have also been doing some drawing, but I haven't finished that, so will share when I have. I have loved seeing all the work you have been doing, but I am ever grateful to those of you who are sending in videos and pictures of the other things you have been doing. It has been great to see all the wonderful activities you have been doing and it feels much more like we are in the classroom as you would normally chat about all the wonderful things you have done :) Have a lovely day Year 1. I will catch you again tomorrow :) or when you email me, which ever comes first.


Mr Brown 


Still image for this video



Good morning campers! 


Hope that you are well, Welcome to May. It will be Star Wars day on Monday! I am thinking about trying to include it in some of our activities. Looking at next week, There will be an activity that will be set for Monday English that I would like everyone to send back in by the end of the week please! I know most of you do everything anyway, but this one I would like everyone to make sure they do. Either send in as a picture, or edit it on the computer / other device and send the file back :). New quiz is up, in its own section this week! I hope that you have a lovely weekend  :)


Mr Brown 



Welcome to the end of April, it seems crazy it was a whole month ago that I wrote the upside down and back to front message! Heading into May and hopefully some more gentle sun so that we can enjoy the outdoors that we can enjoy. I have managed to take some pictures of those birds and will be putting some in for the nature challenge for Mrs Ginty. I hope you are all well! 



Mr B cheeky 



Hello world, hope you are all well. Even though the weather is dreary I hope that you are feeling sunny! I have posted the answers to both sections of the quiz, so go and see how well you've done. I hope you had a bit of fun with the quiz and would like more (completely optional of course) I am thinking of making each one a theme. Hope you liked the picture round, as I really enjoy making picture rounds. My family and I have been creating quizzes and having family quizzes twice a week over video chat. Its been fun and a nice way to talk with each other, but gives us something to keep focused too. Today it is my turn to "host" the quiz. It has 2 picture rounds an anagram round and 4 themed rounds. Happy quizzing


Mr Brown cool


Hello everyone, Hope you are well, It's a little disappointing that I have woken up to rain, but if you are a plant, its good to finally get a drink after a long time. Yesterday I spent a lot of time in the garden trying to get some pictures of birds. They are soo fast! Parents, on the timetable for Wednesday, in the maths section, there are two activities. the second activity is also on Thursday. I decided to move it to Thursday, but obviously forgot to delete it from Wednesday!


Stay safe, see you soon.


Mr Brown


Still image for this video

24.04.20 update 2 - I got a picture of the robin!


Good Day year 1,


Hope you are all still well and smiling and enjoying the fact that it is Friday! Last day of school this week!  I hope you have some nice travel plans over the weekend. I am sure that there is somewhere in the house or garden that you have not stepped foot in yet! I know for me, I haven't been under a tree in my garden, so might read a book there this weekend, an exotic weekend retreat! I have completed and will put on the home learning page the summer term curriculum overview letter. It will stay at the top of the home learning section. It will give an overview of what we are doing this term, for home learning and for when we go back to school. Again the sun is shining which is a great thing. I have a robin's nest in my garden and i keep trying to take a picture of the robin, but she is too fast, if I do get a snap, ill show everyone, but until next time 


catch you later!

23.04.20 part 2 


I forgot to say, Happy St George's day! As a little fun optional extra, If you want to draw a picture or create using other mediums a dragon and to send them in! To make it more enticing, any dragons I see will get 5 House points! 


Mr Brown :)



Buenos Dias Year 1

Como estas usted hoy?  (How are you today?) as you can see, I have been practising my Spanish. It's been tough going over the last several months, but I can see an improvement in my speaking and understanding.  I have continued with my drawing and again, can see improvement in my skills. I have also been baking flatbread some days to have with my soup for lunch, I find it relaxing and it is very easy to make. I hope you are all well today and wishing you all good day yeslaugh

Mr Brown doing some drawing (sorry for the vertical filming)

Still image for this video

Making Bread and an omelette thrown in there too


Good morning year 1, I hope that you are well today and are enjoying the continued sunshine that we are having. It was my brother's birthday yesterday and we had a mini family video chat party with him. It was a novel way to have a party. We did a birthday quiz about my brother! I lost that, but never mind, I will try to do better on the next one! We have been creating and doing quizzes twice a week to keep ourselves entertained and to have regular contact with each other. I have an idea, as a sort of extra home learning task. On Friday, I will create a short quiz of some questions and put it in the Friday resources area for this week. I will then reveal the answers in the Monday section of the resources, and you can see how many points you scored, just for fun! but no using google!






Good Day Year 1. I must say. I have been mightily impressed with all the projects I have seen so far. An also amazed at how quickly you all got back into the swing of home learning. You have been excellent!! Keep those spirits and that energy up smiley. I have started putting things (not all) into Powerpoint documents so that if you are unable to print work out, you will be able to edit/ write digitally and then screenshot or save and email the document back. Please let me know if this is/isn't useful. I have put all the project photos onto the picture pages, so you can all see each others. Mrs Harris has been chatting to me, and she wanted me to share this message with you.


Hello Year 1 

Mrs Harris here, I just wanted to write to you to let you know that I’m thinking about you all. I miss seeing your happy faces every day 😃 and the fun we have in year 1 with Mr Brown. I hope you are enjoying your time at home and doing lots of fun learning. I’ve been enjoying the lovely weather in my garden and going out for my daily walk with Mr Harris. 

I have been looking at our class page at all the lovely things you’ve been doing at home. Well done everyone, keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again soon. 

Mrs Harris 

Mrs Harris' Easter


Still image for this video
Hello, Welcome back to home learning. I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break. The sun was shining which definitely helped cheered me up. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things that you have done. In my holiday, I went on lots of bike rides, eating too much chocolate, drawing, painting and watching films! I also wanted to add that in the video I sent a big thank you to everyone for helping their children with home learning! especially those who are working from home at this time as well as home learning. I also want to add those who are still having to go into work too. It really is amazing to still see all the great home learning coming out from all the children!

The Things that I drew or painted over the holidays if anyone is interested


Still image for this video



*Goooood morning Year 1*

I hope you are all well and rested this Thursday morning, ready for a new day. Even if it is a bit chilly and not very bright today! Enjoy this day of home learning! I need to inform you that after Friday it is going to be the Easter holidays surprise. It will seem very similar to the last couple of weeks, except there won't be any home learning tasks to do. Now parents do not fear! I will be setting an OPTIONAL project for the Easter holiday. Perfect for those children who still need some structure in the holidays. I will be explaining this during my video message tomorrow morning and providing a written explanation as well in the home learning section smiley. Have a great day and I will see you soon.


I have spoken with Mrs Harris, She has said that she misses you all too. She has been looking at all your pictures in the home learning gallery and is really impressed with all of the work you have been doing. She wishes you all the best and can't wait to see you at school soon!


Mr Brown

Stay hydrated!



Happy April everyone!! Now an April fools joke I have written this message from the bottom up so you will have to read the rest backwards !!!! 


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Mr Brown cheeky




Hello Year 1, I hope you are all well today. I can't believe it is actually April tomorrow. It is strange to think that the year is already a quarter done! surprise. School was very strange yesterday, I missed all of you very much and it was weird only teaching a few children and that no one else was about, a bit spooky if you ask me!

The sun is back out this morning which is lovely laugh, I can't wait to see your lovely work again.


See you soon boys and girls 


Mr Brown



Good morning everyone, Hope you are well and enjoyed your weekendlaugh. It actually feels like a Monday today as it is my day in school today, so I actually have to get up and ready. I have put up all the work on the page and I have set some extra mymaths too. I hope you enjoy the learning this week smiley. Again, I would love to see what you have been doing. As I am in school today, any emails I receive, I will reply when I get home, not during the day, so my replies will be slower today. Have a great day and I think  tomorrow I will make a video message instead of a typed one.yes laugh


See you Soon 


Mr Brown



I obviously wrote the sun message too early as it ended up being quite an overcast day, but least it didn't rain. I hope you all enjoyed your lie in today as the clocks went forwards. I normally hate the clocks going forwards because it means less weekend, but this year, it means one hour less of lockdown, Yay. I hope you are well :). I am wondering who reads this though. Fun game if you read this, can you write the word "rhinoceros" somewhere in your next email to me to see how many readers we have. 


Btw I have run out of videos from Storytime with Mr Brown, so 1 will not go up tomorrow, but I will be collecting books from school and will be able to get some more done, so expect new updates in a couple of days.


In the meantime yesterday I created a short lego film. see below


Mr Brown


Still image for this video



Hello Year 1,


It is the weekend, I hope you have a lovely time really relaxing and having great quality time at home with your family :). I know it will feel strange as it will be similar to what has happened all week, but see if you can make it feel different. Luckily the sun is still shining so that gives us lots of opportunities to be outside and enjoy ourselves. If you still want to send emails of what you have been up to, that is fine yeslaugh


I again did a bit of drawing yesterday to help have some fun.


Till tomorrow, see you soon 


Mr Brown



Good morning to you all. It is Friday, I don't know about you, but I keep losing track of which day it actually is, They are starting to merge together as one long blur. I hope everyone is doing well. I spent my day yesterday making sure that you have some lovely activities to do during next week of home learning. 

Maths will mostly still be some online games and activities and there will still be a variety of different topic activities to do. PE. I have included the Joe Wick links, but also added some other games that you may want to do instead.  The phonics and English I have tried to make it more similar to being in school by following a structure that builds through the week. Let me know if this is helpful next week. If so I will do the same the following week, if not, I will tweak it. 

Phonics - will be looking at the alternate spelling of "ow" as in cow, which can also be spelt "ou" as in mouse.

English will be looking at non-fiction texts and building up an understanding of features.


Thank you, I wish you all a lovely weekend (even though it may be very similar to the week) I will still leave messages here.


Mr Brown




Good morning Year 1, I hope that you are all well. It has been a funny few days adjusting to this working from home thing and I think it is taking you guys a few days to get into it too. Again, a big thank you to everyone who has sent me pictures of your work or doing other things at home.  yeslaugh I also decided that I needed a bit of a break yesterday and went and read in the garden in the sun and decided to do some drawing too. 

Miss you all and 

See You Soon

Mr Brown

Ps here's my drawing if you are interested 




Good Morning Year 1! yeslaugh


One thing I am glad of is that the sun is shining, so I can enjoy going out and read in the garden. I hope that you have all been getting outside in your gardens too, to enjoy the fresh air, sun and to play. I know it is hard being stuck at home, but we will be back to normal sooner than you think. Thank you for all the emails. I have really enjoyed looking at all the fabulous things that you have been doing so keep it up Year 1! I have put some of the pictures that I have been sent on the class page under Home learning gallery. If you do want to ask any questions or show me your lovely work then make sure to use your parent's email and write to - 



Thank you, take care 

Mr Brown



Hello, Year 1, 


It was lovely to see some of your work yesterday. I'm glad that you found Joe Wicks PE as hard as I did! It was nice to see that you have been doing the mini-beast hunts in your gardens. I will be including some example models for writing in the work section to help anyone who may be stuck for ideas or would like a helping hand 


Mr Brown laugh



Hello, year 1 yes. Hope you are all well this Monday, the first day of at-home learning. Now I have just finished the Joe Wicks P.E work out. I must say, I found that very hard to complete, but feel good that I did it. If you did it, how did you feel after it? If you haven't done it, check it out and follow the link in the home learning timetable. See you soon guys *waves* 


Me after the Joe Wicks workout






Me after the Joe Wick Workout... Sweaty!

Hello, Year 1!

I hope that everyone that is at home is feeling well and have been having a lovely time with family during this uncertain time. 


From Monday, we will have some home learning tasks to complete, a little like being in school, but possibly in your jammies! 


These activities will not have to be completed all at once. You also don't have to do them during school time. 


Send me any work or messages you want at

I will try to reply to everyone as soon as I can


Stay safe and keep scrubbing those hands yes laugh


Mr Brown