Happy Easter to all of our Woodside Families. Stay safe.

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Messages from Mrs Storey and the Year 4 team!

Happy Friday and Happy Easter Year 4!


I hope you can see my video!  Please let me know if it didn’t work! I think we should all get a certificate for developing our ICT skills over the last two weeks! Some of your parents probably deserve one too!


Well done for doing so well with the home learning tasks over the last two weeks, I know it’s a big change, but you’ve used your growth mindsets to adapt very well and I can see that you are doing some really good quality work at home. Well done!


Thank you parents for all your hard work over the last two weeks too, especially if you are trying to work from home at the same time!


Children, your optional project for Easter is on the activities page and please remember to keep reading and practicing your multiplication tables throughout.


I hope you all have a lovely restful holiday at home!

Keep safe & don’t eat too much chocolate!

Bye for now!


Mrs Storey, Marshmallow & the worry monster

(who has gotten used to the whole situation now, and doesn’t appear to be worried anymore- phew!)


p.s. I will put our Rock Stars score on right at the end of the day and also the winner of the egg diorama - if you need a bit more time on yours, email me to let me know. 

Happy Thursday Year 4!


I hope you had a nice day yesterday! I totally forgot it was April Fools’ day! Did any of you play any tricks on anyone?


Also I realised the Easter holidays are creeping up on us! Tomorrow I will tell you about an optional project if you want something to keep you busy in the holidays!


I also have a Rock Stars update for you! We did very well in our battle against Y3 yesterday with a total of 3,465 Vs 2,876!


I’ve got to tell you my internet was a bit dodgy yesterday, which was quite annoying, but then you made my day as I got to see all your photos, videos and slideshows pouring in at the end of the day. I’m so proud of you all Year 4! You are doing the work so well and I’ve heard from lots of parents how proud they are of you too. Well done!


I hope you all have another happy and productive day!

Bye for now,

Mrs Storeylaugh

Good Morning! Happy Wednesday Year 4!


 I hope you all had a nice day yesterday.  As you can see Marshmallow enjoyed some painting, although the worry monster was worried about getting paint on his fur, so he directed from the sidelines.


I noticed that some of you logged onto Rock Stars yesterday and have chosen some very cool names for your characters! You have also earnt some coins! Eva S has earnt the most so far! Eva, you can go shopping at the top of the screen and buy your character some accessories! 


You may have also noticed that we are in a Rock battle with Year 3! They were winning all day yesterday, but we over took them at the last minute, so we just about won. Well done! Although Miss Maddox tells me that they are ready for battle today so really go for it! 


Congratulations to Immy who moved up in the Olympic Challenge this week! If you move up too, do let me know!

I hope you all have a lovely day

Mrs Storey

Good Morning Year 4, happy Tuesday to you all! 


I hope you all had a good day yesterday.  As you might have seen I had a visit from Marshmallow and our worry monster! The worry monster was looking a bit worried, so I let him have a lie down and Marshmallow desperately needed a wash so he went for a spin... then a blow dry.... then he had a lovely rest on the radiator.  You'll be pleased to know both of them are happy and relaxed now, and have been discussing what adventures they might get up to in my home! 


They have also been begging me to let them have a go on Times Table Rock Stars, but I've told them it's just for children! Click on the document below to see how you can use your login to play the games set!  I sent out all the logins to your parents yesterday, but if you haven't recieved yours just let me know and I'll send it to you again.  


Oh! I nearly forgot, have you seen Mrs Ginty's daffodil picture task on the newsletter? If you haven't check it out! I think Marshmallow may enter! 


Have a great day! 

Mrs Storey 

Picture 1

How to play Times Table Rock Stars

Good Morning Year 4, Happy Monday! 


I hope you all had a lovely relaxing weekend. As you can see by my photos today I had a busy one! On Saturday I helped Mr Storey build a chest of drawers for mini Storey’s room and did some reading from my comfy chair, and on Sunday I spent some time looking through old photos! Can you tell which of the two girls was me? What have you all been up to I wonder...? 

This week I shall be setting you tasks on the activities page each day, the same as last week and I will also update the Super Stars page, so be sure to have a little look! 


Make sure you have plenty of breaks in between doing tasks. Each task should be done in chunks of about 20 minutes. A good aim would be to do about 2.5 hours of tasks per day. If you find something tricky and want to come back to it later, that's fine. Remember I'm still here to help so you can always email to ask me any questions!  


The lovely Mrs Gower is organising Times Tables Rock Stars this week! As soon as I get your log-ins I will send them out to you with some instructions of how to play. 


Also... as Easter is coming up I'm going to set an optional creative competition this week! See below for details. 


I hope you have a lovely day! 

Mrs Storey yeslaugh








Easter Boiled Egg Diorama Competition!

Easter Boiled Egg Diorama Competition!  1
Easter Boiled Egg Diorama Competition!  2
Easter Boiled Egg Diorama Competition!  3
Easter Boiled Egg Diorama Competition!  4

This is an optional competition for anyone feeling creative! 


Your diorama must contain at least one (ideally boiled) egg and can be set in any theme, the more creative the better! If you are struggling to get an egg, you could make one, or use a plastic one if you have one. 


You will most likely need a base to build your diorama on, like a piece of card, or inside an old shoe box. If you can use recycled items to make anything for your diorama, that would be fantastic! 


Photos in by 3pm on Friday 3rd March. I'll announce the winner on Saturday morning (incase it takes some time for emails to come through).


Good Luck everyone, have fun!