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Messages from Mrs Yiasoumi and Mrs Charalambous

It's Half Term!

It is hard to believe it is half term - it has been a very different term so far but hopefully we can see each other again soon. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent in work and photos/videos. It has been lovely to see you all smiling! 


Just a quick reminder that we will be moving over to Google Classroom after half term (from 1st June). Log ins have been emailed across and, within that email, there is a link to show you how to use it if you are unsure.


Have a lovely half term and see you over in Google Classroom :)


Mrs Charalambous & Mrs Yiasoumi



We hope you are well! 

This is a reminder message to please email us your report comment. There is an example in the planning folder, with some prompts of what to add. 


Remember this is going on your End of Year Report, try to think of all the great things we have done in Year 2!  (Some reminders in the folder.)


Some of the ones I have received have been great and really thought out, thank you for those!


Have a great day!



Hello year 2 - you have been busy!


What lovely fairy stories you have written and Josh your scary monster story was amazing.

Your handwriting has come on so well, you must be in line for a pen licence when we go back to school.


The cookery looks fantastic- great birthday cake Sadie. I hope you enjoyed the day.

This week Mr Grew and I had a pizza making competition.  I think I got Star Baker with my seafood pizza.  

Mr Grew made ham, mushroom and peppers.  What do you think, which looks the best?

Maybe you could have a family bake off and make your own delicious pizza with your favourite toppings.

I would love to see pictures of them and possibly we could swap our personal recipes.

This morning we've made bread for our lunch. Do you remember making bread last year with soup?

Will you be making anything special for the VE celebrations?


I hope you are all keeping well and looking after each other.

Keep safe and happy.


Mrs B Grew




Good morning Year 2! 


There was a slight blip on the planning this week for English! 

On Friday, it should have said:


Well done you have finished your story!


Use this session to present your story in any way that you wish. 


You might want to: 

  • Create a PowerPoint for your story
  • Make a video of you reading your story (see Mr Brown's uploads for inspiration!)
  • Write it out using your absolute best handwriting.


We look forward to receiving more stories from you! 


Mrs Charalambous & Mrs Yiasoumi

We have had a few emails and questions in regards to your comments section of your report. Here is a great example of what could be written in yours!

Hi all, 


I hoped you liked my video this morning (saved in the video folder) as I mentioned before below is the link for the song we are going to be learning. 


At this moment in time I have someone recording a British sign language version just for our school.


Attached is the link for the song with the song words, please feel free to start to learn this. Once we have the BSL video we can add the signs.


I've been singing it non stop ( I think my neighbours must be going crazy, even Angelo's joining in.)

I hope you like it as much as I do, it makes me feel happy.





Heal the World with Lyrics

Still image for this video

Heal the World- Young boy and Girl singing

Still image for this video

Hi all, please find attached Year 2's plan for this Summer half term. 

Our topic is 'Weather!'

Have you been working really hard on your handwriting all year? 


The Queen Mother's Handwriting Awards is a competition which is open to you! 


If you would like to enter, look at the information on the download or web address below.  For Year 2, there is a poem called 'The Snowball' (KS1 entry, Class 1) Copy the correct one out in your neatest handwriting and send your entry to the address given. Please read what you have to do very carefully.   


The competition closes on the 22nd of May, so you have time to practise and send your entry in! 


The Prizes are: 

The 1st Prize winner will receive a Cross pen engraved with their name. 

The 2nd, 3rd and Highly Commended winners with be awarded a certificate to commemorate their success.


Good Luck!


Competition information here:


Here are the documents about the competition and lined paper if you need it

Good morning all, 


I hope are well and settled back into home schooling after a nice break.


This is a quick message to let you know I have changed this weeks Art lesson.


Our Andy Goldsworthy collages should have spanned over two weeks but I've received lots of pictures and most children have completed this. (If you haven't, please feel free to do so)


As it is St Georges day tomorrow i thought we could do some craft activities to celebrate this special day. I have attached a link to the planning document with ideas, I have done this as I don't know what resources you have at home and want everyone to join in. If you are struggling with resources, drawing a picture would be just as lovely. 


I hope you enjoy this.


Happy St Georges day for tomorrow!


Love from your teachers who are missing you !


Hello Year 2


I have missed you all so much. I often look at the school pages to see what you have been up to.

I can see there has been some amazing cookery going on.  I have been cooking too- lovely pies, cakes and hot cross buns.

Yes, the oven was a bit hot for the buns, but they still tasted good!

I spent most of the sunny Easter days in my garden planting flowers and vegetables.  

Can you see the white blossom tree?  Its a cheery cherry- I hope we get some big red cherries soon.

I was lucky enough to get a close up picture of a Tortoise Shell butterfly. Perhaps you could take some wildlife photos in your garden or while out for a walk.

I read a good book over the holiday. It was set in Venice, Italy and was about a family in the war, I couldn't  put it down.  

I hope you've found some gripping books to read as well.


Keep up the brilliant work at home.  help your family, keep safe and happy.


Look forward to seeing you all soon.


Mrs Grew  

Hello Y2
Hope you all had a good Easter and ate yummy chocolate eggs . I did enjoy mine . Hope your all enjoying spending time with your families . Nice to see the sun has been shining for us all makes me smile . I have been doing some courses , sorting out my mountain of recipes and getting my teenager into cooking. I’ve been doing some colouring in books called mindfulness in my garden . They take a bit of time but it’s fun and I’ve even been using pastel and glitter pens . I enjoyed helping Alice make her Easter cheesecake it looked pretty and tasted delicious. Looking forward to doing art activities with Alice or even on my own . I’ve seen you all have been busy doing your online learning but also having fun with your families. Which is so lovely to see . Your all doing amazing .
Keep well, keep safe,most of all keep smiling and laughing in these strange times . Missing all your smiling faces and the little conversations you have and can’t wait to see you all and find out all the exciting things you have been doing . Take care and see you soon .
Mrs Reeve

Hello Year 2 ,

I hope you are all having a lovely time with your family and also working hard with your home schooling. I miss you dearly and can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Well I have been busy studying too and making videos for the reception children with the puppets. They have been busy learning too !
My children, Luke 19 and Ben 15 are learning how to bake and cook as well as studying. They have helped with some painting and gardening too.

In the evenings we play the monopoly board game and the PlayStation monopoly too, it’s such good fun. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you all and hearing all about what you have been up to at home.

Take care , Mrs Bateman x

A big welcome back!

We have missed you!

We hope you have have a rest, enjoyed some quality time with your family over the last two weeks and had a Happy Easter. I can't wait to see all the things you have been getting up to.


Mrs Charalambous and I have been spending time with our children and enjoying the sunshine. As most of you know we are both Greek Orthodox so we celebrated our 'Easter' a week after Easter (the weekend just passed.) We have lots of Greek traditions that we try to stick to, the most important being EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! We dye hard boiled eggs and play a game where we crack them together to see who has the 'champion egg!'


We also do lots of cooking and baking, I made special rolls and shaped them with Angelo and Christopher's initials.  


As well as all that fun, I have been doing lots of gardening. I've now planted some tomatoes, strawberries and some new flowers.  I will upload photos when they start to grow, I cant wait to eat them.


I had so much fun helping Christopher with his year 3 project, he is learning about the Romans so we decided to make a Roman Villa. This was super hard and fiddly and took us a few days to finish but the end result was worth it! 


I will post all the work into the relevant folders for this week, as always please remember to email for support or if you have any questions. We are more than willing to help.


Mrs Yiasoumi and Mrs Charalambous 





Hello from Mrs Charalambous and Mrs Yiasoumi!


Can you believe that next week will be the start of the Easter holidays? We know that it has all been a little strange and somewhat surreal but we have been impressed by how you have all worked so hard. We absolutely love receiving your work and we both light up when we see new emails ping through! It’s great seeing the work you have done and the creativity at home has been overwhelming smiley


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for working so hard and taking such pride in your work. We also must say a very big thank you to those at home who have helped guide you with your work and have been very supportive during this time.


We hope you have all enjoyed looking through the Hall of Fame section on our class webpage – it’s a great way to be able to see what your friends have been up to. Don’t forget that we also post messages up in the Messages section so do keep an eye on our posts!


We will be setting an Easter project for the next two weeks for you to complete. Details will follow in a separate post, explaining everything you need to know and what will be expected.


Don’t forget that it is your time to rest too (and eat chocolate eggs!) so enjoy time at home with your family and friends and you are more than welcome to email across what you got up to during the holidays! 


We look forward to hearing from you in the coming weeks.


Happy Holidays!


Kindest regards,


Mrs Charalambous & Mrs Yiasoumi

April fools day!!


Hope your having a great day!


Let us know if you have played a trick on your parents. We love to laugh!


What would you do if you got this below?!!


Welcome back for another week of home schooling!

Mrs Charalambous and I been overwhelmed with the amount of work and photos we have received, every single one has made us smile.laugh


We hope you have a good week and the sun decides to come out so we can have some fun in the garden too. 


Stay safe as always


Be kind to your family!


smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileyMrs Yiasoumi and Mrs Charalambous smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


Happy Weekend :)

Still image for this video
Don't worry if you didn't listen to everything I said, I was watching Angelina the whole time when I watched it back!! Enjoy and hope to see everyone soon xx

A few activities we have been up to this week...

Free audio books!


Amazon have made all their audio books available for FREE!! 


Take advantage of this fantastic freebie and get listening to any story your heart desires.



Happy Reading! 


Mrs Charalambous & Mrs Yiasoumi

Fabulous Friday!!

Hi all! Mrs Charalambous and I can't believe our first week at home is over! Well done for your hard work, determination and lovely pictures.


A big well done to your Mummy's and Daddy's too, they are working just as hard as you!


Over the weekend, we will be uploading Week 2's work and resources on our class page. Remember if you're finding the work too hard or too much, do what you can. Remember you can always drop us an email.


We hope you have a lovely rest over the weekend, spend time in the garden for some fresh air. Have fun, look after your family and eat lots of goodies!


We are missing you lots


Mrs Yiasoumi and Mrs Charalambous

It's Thursday already!


The week has really flown by and it's been an absolute pleasure to receive your emails of what you have been up to smiley


Both Mrs Yiasoumi and I have been very busy making sure you have plenty to do at home but we have also had time to have some fun too! Today we have been playing around with augmented reality - and you can do this too! There are a range of animals that you can have right there in your home (but without the mess to clean up!) and you can take some great photos with them.


How creative can you be? Email your best pictures to us and we can upload in a little gallery on the school website. 


If you are unsure of how to set this up, watch the video below. You need to have Google Chrome installed on a device and you can search for the list of animals in 3D that you can have in your home. 


Any questions, feel free to drop us an email and I can try to help but hopefully the video explains it.


Have fun! laugh

How to...Augmented Reality

Still image for this video
This video shows you how to have animals appear in your home!
You need to ensure you have Google Chrome installed on the device.
Search for 'list of animals 3D'
Select your chosen animal.
View in 3D and then View in your space.

Angelina (Mrs Charalambous's little girl!) and Angelo (Mrs Yiasoumi's little boy!) have loved inviting animals into their homes!

Welcome Wednesday!


Half way through the week already! I hope you are staying safe and enjoying yourself at home!


David Walliams is releasing a FREE audio book every day, for the next 30 days. His books are Great!!! Listen to as may as you can!!


Both Mrs Charalambous and I have enjoyed seeing your work and pictures of you having fun, if you haven't sent anything to us please send something so we can catch up. We miss talking to you!


Mrs Yiasoumi and Mrs Charalambous


Musician Myleene Klass is releasing a music lesson, 2 x a week (Monday and Friday) This looks like so much fun Please feel free to share with siblings and family- Mrs Yiasoumi

The link below is a great website for science experiments. All experiments can be completed with daily household objects.


Remember to send us photos if you do any...... HAVE FUN!!


Mrs Yiasoumi

Happy Tuesday!!


Mrs Charalambous and I had a great day yesterday looking at all your emails. We miss you lots! It looks like you had a great day and completed lots of fantastic work. 


Keep up the good work!


Mrs Yiasoumi and Mrs Charalambous 



This page provides support and resources for your child to use at home. Each resource is catergorised into year groups. 


At the moment they are allowing parents to sign up for a free month trial , while we are all stuck at home. See free log in details below. 




Phonics Play - You can log on and help yourself to everything on their website for free! Enjoy!

Hi all Year 2!


Unfortunately we aren't able to be at school but Mrs Charalambous and I will be checking our emails regularly. Feel free to email us some of your work or pop us an email just to say hello! We will miss you otherwise!!


 We will be posting all the plans and resources you will need to complete work at home. 


Remember, you can do daily meditation to help you relax at home. You can use clips like these to help or you can sit in a quiet room and reflect!


Hopefully we will be back at school soon, we can't wait to hear all of the things you are getting up to.


Enjoy the time with your family, stay safe and wash your hands!


From Mrs Yiasoumi and Mrs Charalambous