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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Monday 30th March


Read for 20 minutes – talk to someone about your book if you can. If someone can ask you questions about your book, even better!

Get your parents to have a look at this page:

It is a free e-book collection – with plenty of choice if you are running out of books.



Choose a PE activity from the PE icon or tune in to ‘P.E. with Joe’!



Hopefully you have finished your Neil Armstrong diary. Now, as we do at school, please edit your diary. If you have a dictionary and thesaurus at home, great. If not, use an online dictionary and thesaurus. Use a green pen if you have one!!!



Complete the next two pages of the work book (10 and 11 out of 30)

If you haven’t done the workbook yet, you can start here or at the beginning.

If you have spare time, practise your tables.


Fill in the gaps using these words

Newton, gravity, air resistance, weight

_________ is a pull towards the Earth. An object on the ground being pulled by the Earth has ________. Friction slows moving objects down; if they are moving through air we call the friction _________. The man who first created theories about forces was called Isaac  __________.

Design your own poster, showing what you found out about forces in your parachute experiment last week. You should add arrows showing the forces – a downward arrow to show the pull of gravity. An upward arrow should show the push of air upwards.