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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


    This half term our topic is



Our weekly themes will include flying carpets, butterflies, hot air balloons, flying minibeasts, birds and kites. We will also be taking part in a two week ‘Take one picture’ whole school project. At home, you could follow up our topic work by:


  • Reading stories about flying – such as Alone in the woods, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Owl Babies, The Blue Balloon, books about aeroplanes and helicopters.
  • Making paper aeroplanes with your child and trying them out – whose plane can fly the furthest?
  • Flying a kite (or drone) together on a breezy day, or playing with a balloon.
  • Look out for things flying in the air when you are out and about – insects, birds, planes, balloons, helicopters, butterflies.
  • Talking to your child about journeys on aeroplanes or trips to airports.


We will also be doing lots of geography as we think about different countries and look at simple aerial map views. If your family have links with any other countries e.g. family living abroad or places you have enjoyed visiting, please could you share these with us on Tapestry so that we can find those places on a globe with your children?


Dates for this half term

7th June – Inset day

8th June – Back to school after half term.

24th June – Zoom meeting for parents of children joining Woodside Reception.

8th July – Older nursery children spending time in Reception, whilst younger nursery children meet September ‘21’s new nursery children.

11th July – Woodside summer fair

16th July – Children going to Woodside Reception’s ‘stay and play’ 1:45-3:00. Parents’ coffee session.

22nd July - Last day of term – Teddy bear’s ‘picnic’ in nursery – bring your favourite toy in to join you for an extra treat at snack time! Morning children finish at 11:50, afternoon children finish at 1pm.


We will hopefully be able to announce dates for sport’s day and nursery leavers’ assemblies later this month, dependent on restrictions being lifted.

Please could every child have a sun hat at school each morning and apply sun cream before school on sunny days? Our nursery garden has lots of shade so the children should then be safe for the day.

Please continue to add photos, achievements etc. to your child’s Learning Journal on Tapestry. Towards the end of term, you will receive a brief, written report about your child’s time in nursery and you will be given the opportunity to download their Tapestry Learning Journey.

What is nursery doing this half term?                      Flight



Small Group work


Communication, Language and Literacy

Mathematical Development

Understanding the World, Physical Development and Expressive Arts & Design


Magic Carpet

‘My Granny went to market’ book and memory game/ shopping list

Count and match items 1-10 to make a ‘My Granny went to market’ role play area

Where in the world did Granny visit? Where would you visit?

World market role play. Paper aeroplanes. Amelia Earhart. Aeroplane role play outside. 



Caterpillar sounds

Read ‘Hungry Caterpillar’

Write name for card

2D or 3D shape caterpillars

Make a special card

Observe real caterpillars – life cycle. Textured caterpillars. Explore symmetry. Marbling.


Take one picture – whole school focus based on Paolo Uccello’s Niccolò Mauruzi da Tolentino at the Battle of San Romano

Postcard from battlefield/ describing the picture.

Shape flags

Make a hobby-horse

‘Jousting’ in the garden. Looking at flags from different countries. Finding out about horses. Shape magnets.


 ‘The wrong kind of knight’ and discussion about their interests.

Archery or trebuchet scores

Design a hat

Castle and knight small world play. Make a coat of arms shield reflecting their interests. Find out about Italy.


Hot Air Balloons

Make up a hot air balloon story

Share people between hot air balloons

Using aerial views to navigate our school grounds

Catch bubbles. Hot air balloon role play and history. Hot air balloon weaving. Parachute.


Flying minibeasts

Teddy invite or learn teddy rhyme

Partition ladybird spots

Ladybird beanbags

Bird hide outside. ‘The Baby Birds’ story from Islam. Minibeast QR code hunt.



‘Alone in the wood’ book

Review our year

Find and order number kites

Make kites

Indian kite festival. Fly kites. Share sized picnic food. Teddy threading. Pair bears game.


Photos of our 'Growing Topic', Summer 1, 2021

Guidance on adding Tapestry Observations

Spring 2, 2021 - Here are some photos from our shops topic...

Here are some photos taken during our 'Wheels' topic in January-February 2021

Here are some photos taken during our 'Night' topic in the second half of the Autumn term 2020

Here are some photos taken during our 'Colours' topic in the first half of the Autumn term 2020

Here are photos of our Seaside topic in the second half of summer term in nursery and through home learning.

Here are some of out home learning photos taken during our 'Water' topic in Summer 1, 2020.

Here are some photos from Spring Term 2020

Here are some of our nursery children dressed up for book day on 6th March 2020. They looked amazing.

Here are some photos taken during our 'Food' topic in January-February 2020