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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


This half term our topic is





Our weekly themes will include space, shadows and nocturnal animals as well as the festivals celebrated over the next few weeks. A lot of our activities will be based around books such as ‘Whatever Next’, ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ ‘One Snowy Night’ and ‘Peace at Last’. At home, you could follow up our topic work by:


  • Watching the light fade at dusk with your child and talking about street lights, car headlights etc.
  • Going for a walk on a dark evening with torches and reflective bands/clothing.
  • Encouraging your child to listen carefully for sounds in the dark.
  • Talking about bedtime routines, putting their day’s events into order.
  • Reading stories about night and bedtime – such as Owl Babies and Laura’s Star
  • Looking at stars and the moon on a clear evening.
  • Look at real birds of prey at Paradise Park or Herrings Green Activity Farm in Bedfordshire.
  • Talking about celebrations, such as Bonfire night, Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas.


Nursery dates for this half term


  • Monday 2nd November – Back to nursery
  • w/c Monday 23rd November – Possible visit from a real owl
  • Friday 27th November – Occasional day
  • w/c 30th November – Filming our nativity in class to share with parents on Tapestry
  • Friday 18th December – Nursery Christmas party & break up at normal time.
  • Tuesday 5th January – Just our new nursery intake visiting for the morning.
  • Wednesday 6th January – All children back to nursery.
Date Theme

Communication, Language and Literacy

Mathematical Development

Physical, Understanding the World, Expressive Art and Design

Cooking Other



Peace at last sound lotto

Space shape pictures

Make a rocket

Bread-stick sparklers

Environmental sound game. Make sound effect buttons. Space role play, sound walk, firework dances & pictures.



Read Night monkey, day monkey and sort day and night items.

10-1 Blast off counting and rocket puzzles

Shadow experiments

Cracker & cheese stars

Diwali garlands & cards, rangoli patterns, parachute games, Write firework numbers, day/night puzzles.


Nocturnal animals

Day and night animal books

Count Percy’s animals form ‘One Snowy Night’

Make a clay bat

Hedgehog fruit spikes

Sort day/night animals Percy’s hut role play. Animal sponge prints. Autumn animal dance.



Owl babies on computer

Owl Babies number hunt and story maps

Spiky hedgehog pictures

Fat balls for birds

Owl baby role play outside. Bird hides. Hibernation. Order owls by size. Feed owls throwing game.



Perform nativity in class

Positional language using nativity set

Sing nativity songs with instruments

Christmas biscuits

Paper chains, block paints, scarf dances, nativity role play, advent calendar, large octons outside, hopscotch.



Write name for card

Santa problem solving

Christmas cards – investigating transparent, translucent and opaque materials

Mince pies

Cut & stick cards. Christmas puzzles & sponge prints. Create Santa’s workshop, Santa adventure outside.



Christmas story sharing

Lolly stick stars

Christmas circle games

Party food

Christmas party. Christmas rubber stamps & tracing. Christmas songs. Number star hunt, order angels 1-9.


Guidance on adding Tapestry Observations

Here are some photos taken during our 'Colours' topic in the first half of the Autumn term 2020

Here are photos of our Seaside topic in the second half of summer term in nursery and through home learning.

Here are some of out home learning photos taken during our 'Water' topic in Summer 1, 2020.

Here are some photos from Spring Term 2020

Here are some of our nursery children dressed up for book day on 6th March 2020. They looked amazing.

Here are some photos taken during our 'Food' topic in January-February 2020