We hope that you enjoy your Summer holidays. We will see you all back on Monday 7th September.

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Hello Nursery,

I hope that you are enjoying all of the videos and ideas for our class on Tapestry each day. It is lovely to see your own photos and videos of what you have been doing. I hope that you are having fun with your families and that you will continue to be my coronavirus fighting superheroes. Your hand washing skills are amazing!

I am excited that some of us may be able to meet together again soon, but in the meantime, keep safe and enjoy a different way of having fun and learning through play,

Love from

Mrs. Quant

Note for parents:

Here are some extra links for learning which you can access at home if you wish. Please don't feel that your child has to fill in worksheets and practice reading and writing. In nursery, the best learning follows the child's interests and this is most effective through short, practical activities. If they love writing, encourage a tripod pen grip and correct letter formation, but if they are less keen, give them a large paintbrush or chalk and let them make marks outside or develop those fine motor skills through using pegs, lego, tweezers etc.

I have added phonics activities and daily phonics sessions onto Tapestry. Concentrate on Phase One phonics activities if you visit phonics websites, starting on phase Two when your child is confident in recognising letters.

Please ask any questions via Tapestry observations - it's really easy to create your own observations on the app or web browser. If you have any problems, I've attached Tapestry guidance below.

Don't forget to share any great ideas of your own,

Kate Quant

Guidance on adding Tapestry Observations

What is nursery doing this half term?        

Nursery and home learning                   Seaside Topic



Communication, Language & Literacy


Expressive Arts and Design, Physical or Understanding the World




At the seaside

Sand names

Buying ice-creams in our seaside shop

Design a bucket and online sandcastle.

Billy’s Bucket, Lost on the beach, Winnie at the seaside.

Write postcards, seaside sounds, seaside in the past, Dancing on sand dance, sea stencils



Make up their own boat story

Shape hunt

Make a boat

Who sank the boat? Brilliant boats

Shape boats, letter magnet hunt, float or sink? Row, row, row your boat. Seaside blending letters



Retell lighthouse story

Make repeated patterns

Make a special card

Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch.

My amazing dad

Grace Darling, make lighthouses, paint a stone,  ‘A sailor went to sea, sea, sea’ Play in our boat.



Act out ‘Rainbow Fish’

‘1,2,3,4,5, Once I caught a fish alive’ & number problems.

Magnet fishing

Rainbow fish, Tiddler

Paint letters with water, initial letter sounds, fish crafts, skittles, Lego letters


Sea Creatures

‘Commotion in the ocean’ rhymes

Sharing a shell game

Octopus handprint

Sharing a shell, Shark in the Park, The snail and the whale.

Paint pasta shells, bubbles, sorting shells online, Jonah & whale, obstacle courses,



Message in a bottle

Count the pirate’s gold

Cut out a pirate hat

Pirates love underpants

Peter Pan

Walk the plank, pirate tic-tac-toe, pirate ship role play, pirate flags



Create own pirate map

Direct around the pirate map

Metal detector fun

The Troll.

The Treasure Hunt

Treasure map dot to dot, Pirate dance, treasure hunt, hoops, dress up as a pirate, local area maps.

Here are some of out home learning photos taken during our 'Water' topic in Summer 1, 2020.

Here are some photos from Spring Term 2020

Here are some of our nursery children dressed up for book day on 6th March 2020. They looked amazing.

Here are some photos taken during our 'Food' topic in January-February 2020

'Run, run, as fast as you can!'
We did 'Gruffalo' and birthday themed activities.
We did lots of cooking and designed food collages.

Here are some photos taken during Autumn 2, 2019, when our topic was toys.

Our favourite toys and our paintings of them.
We enjoyed many dinosaur activities.
We created our Bear Hunt map on the SmartBoard.
We performed a nativity and celebrated Christmas.

Here are some photos taken during our 'People who help us' topic in September-October 2019