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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


 What is nursery doing this half term?                    Water Topic



Small Group work



Communication, Language and Literacy

Mathematical Development

Understanding the World, Physical Development and Expressive Arts & Design


Polar regions

Read ‘Lost and Found’ and talk about the story

Shape hunt around the school

Draw a penguin on the board

England flag toast

Polar role play & arctic animals. Ice experiments. Plant seeds. Make instruments. St. George’s Day. Phonics – s,a,t. Number 6.


Weather and seasons

Present your own UK weather forecast

Paint a rainbow, matching numbers 1-7

Complete seasons puzzles and discuss the changes

Fruit rainbow

Noah’s Ark. Puddle painting. Ramadan/Eid. Colour mixing. Weather songs and rhymes. Phonics - p,i,n,m. Number 7.



Set up a garden centre role play.

Order flowers by size and order flower numbers

Make a seed packet

Make cakes in flower pot moulds

Wesak festival. Plant cress. Print with daisies. Sorting seeds. Oak tree life cycle. Flower collage. Phonics - d,g,o. Number 8.


Using water

You can swim, Jim -

Match rhyming words

Capacity exploration -

Mr Archimedes bath

Sew a web

Cress sandwiches

Keeping our bodies and teeth clean. Dentist role play. Naming ceremonies. Daily routines. Phonics -  c ,k,ck. Number 9


Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy instruments and rhymes

Incy Wincy board game

Make a spider puppet

Cracker & cheese string spiders – peel 8 legs.

Minibeast hunt & puppets. Visit Rye Meads. Junk modelling. Frog life cycle. Frog beanbags. Phonics - e,u,r,h. Number 10.



If I was the monarch for a day….

5 Little ducks with number lines and props

Repeated pattern shape crowns

Crown biscuits

Make bunting. Learn about London, crowns & Queen. Street party role play. Castles. Red, white and blue markmaking.


     This half term our topic is….        Water  


Our weekly themes are Polar regions, weather, plants, using water, Incy Wincy Spider and the Jubilee. At home, you could follow up our topic work by:


  • Reading stories about water, such as ‘The pig in the pond’, Daisy the duck books, ‘Five minutes peace’ and ‘Lost and found’. (After half term our topic is sea-side so we will cover sea, fish, pirates, boats etc. then)
  • Exploring how water is used in your house and letting children help with watery jobs like washing up, washing the car and watering the garden.
  • Enjoying wet weather – jumping in puddles with wellies! Which clothes keep us dry?
  • Talking about how water changes when it freezes – making ice cubes or ice lollies.
  • Visiting a pond or river to feed the ducks, pond dip and talk about water safety.
  • Playing with water toys in the bath.
  • Talking about how the garden/park is changing in the Spring.


Dates for this half term….

Tuesday 19th April: Back to nursery.

w/b 25th April: Visitor to talk about Ramadan and Eid.

Tuesday 26th April: PTA Bags for school.

Monday 2nd May: Bank Holiday.

Wednesday 4th May: Phonics meeting for nursery parents (virtual) 8pm

w/b 9th May: Visitor to talk about use of water in Christenings/naming ceremonies.

Thursday 26th May: Jubilee celebration day in school

Friday 27th May: Jubilee bank holiday in lieu – school closed.

30th May – 3rd June - Half term

Monday 6th June – Inset day, school closed.

Tuesday 7th June – Back to nursery.



Additionally, we are hoping to find a visitor connected with dentistry to talk to nursery – if anyone has any contacts, please let us know.


We are arranging a trip to Rye Meads nature reserve to do a workshop all about pond minibeasts. Details to follow once dates are confirmed.

Here are some photos taken during our homes topic, February-April 2022

Guidance on adding Tapestry Observations

Here are some photos taken during our 'Food' topic in January-February 2022

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Here are some photos taken during our 'People who help us' topic.

Here are some photos taken during our 'flight' topic in Summer, 2 2021

Photos of our 'Growing Topic', Summer 1, 2021

Spring 2, 2021 - Here are some photos from our shops topic...

Here are some photos taken during our 'Wheels' topic in January-February 2021

Here are some photos taken during our 'Night' topic in the second half of the Autumn term 2020

Here are some photos taken during our 'Colours' topic in the first half of the Autumn term 2020

Here are photos of our Seaside topic in the second half of summer term in nursery and through home learning.

Here are some of out home learning photos taken during our 'Water' topic in Summer 1, 2020.

Here are some photos from Spring Term 2020

Here are some of our nursery children dressed up for book day on 6th March 2020. They looked amazing.

Here are some photos taken during our 'Food' topic in January-February 2020