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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


This half term our topic is         Growing

Our themes will include babies, frogs and life cycles, seeds, plants, Jack and the Beanstalk and farms, including ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’. At home, you could follow up our topic work by:


  • Reading stories about growth/size – such as ‘The Enormous Turnip’, ‘Daisy and the Egg’ by Jane Simmons, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. 
  • Looking at family photos with your child and talking about how they/their siblings have changed or grown. Talk about celebrations that you have enjoyed together e.g. birthdays, naming ceremonies.
  • Measuring your child’s growth on a height chart, comparing their height to that of other family members.
  • Helping your child to plant seeds or seedlings at home and observing how they grow.
  • Visiting a farm and looking for baby animals or finding a pond with some frogspawn.
  • Visiting a local garden centre and looking at what is growing (plants and animals!)


Special requests

  • In the first week back, we will be talking about how your children have changed since they were babies. If possible, please could you upload a baby/toddler photo of your child to Tapestry so that we can use it as a stimulus for our discussions. Also, if you have photos or short videos of naming ceremonies e.g. Christenings which you would be willing to share on Tapestry, that would be wonderful.
  • If you have any spare seeds/beans (even if out of date) for the children to use in our garden centre role play or use for collage, please send them in. Thanks.
  • We will be planting sunflowers for the children to bring home. Please take photos of how they grow once we have sent them home and put them on Tapestry for us to admire.
  • From 10th May, we will be talking about food from around the world. Please could you send in clean food labels which have come from different parts of the world? Please note that we have nut allergies in nursery and therefore cannot have packaging that has contained any type of nut. Thanks.


If your child has any particular interests related to our growing topic, please share them on Tapestry so that we can celebrate their enthusiasms with the class. Also, do upload photos of any plants that your child grows at home.


School/Nursery Dates

12th April – Back to school​​​​​​​

3rd May – Bank Holiday

13th May – Class and individual photographs

31st May-4th June – Half Term break

7th June – Inset day – school closed for children

11th July – Summer Fair

22nd July – End of Term

What is nursery doing this half term?     Topic: Growing



Small Group work


Communication, Language and Literacy


Understanding the World, Physical Development and Expressive Arts & Design




Look at baby photos and talk about how they’ve changed

Order ‘mini-me’ figures by size and measure them

Paint self portraits

Welcome new children. Naming ceremonies, lullabies, senses scavenger hunt, height chart, baby clinic role play.



Frog life cycle book

5 little speckled frogs

Frog beanbags and hoop ponds

St George’s Day, dragon stories, tree growth, plant apple pips, observe tadpoles, frog collages.



‘The Tiny Seed’ book

10 seeds book - counting

Seeds collage

Garden centre & flower stall role play. Plant cress. Perfume from flowers, sorting seeds, alphabet beans.



Match flower and petal phonics

Order flower numbers and play flower dice bingo

Plant a sunflower seed & make a mini garden

Cress sandwiches, Van Gogh, print with daisies, chalk flowers, ‘How does your garden grow?’ game, identify flowers.


Enormous Turnip

Enormous Turnip - Act out story and make own book.

Weighing vegetables

Push and pull obstacle race

Investigate push and pull toys, make vegetable soup, food from other countries, threading vegetables.


Jack and the beanstalk

Jack and the beanstalk role play

Draw and measure giant footprints outside.

Grow beans and beanstalk collages

Ribbon weaving, make a beanstalk in the woods, climbing, measure beanstalks, Fee Fi Fo Fum alliteration. Cut leaves.



Act Billy Goat’s Gruff outside

Dividing up animal problems.

Build strong bridges

Celebrate Wesak, match animals and their young, ‘Farmer Duck’ story, animal stencils, sounds and dominoes.

Guidance on adding Tapestry Observations

Here are some photos taken during our 'Wheels' topic in January-February 2021

Here are some photos taken during our 'Night' topic in the second half of the Autumn term 2020

Here are some photos taken during our 'Colours' topic in the first half of the Autumn term 2020

Here are photos of our Seaside topic in the second half of summer term in nursery and through home learning.

Here are some of out home learning photos taken during our 'Water' topic in Summer 1, 2020.

Here are some photos from Spring Term 2020

Here are some of our nursery children dressed up for book day on 6th March 2020. They looked amazing.

Here are some photos taken during our 'Food' topic in January-February 2020