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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Offline activites

Some ideas that may keep you entertained while at home!


Remember to wash your hands before and after playing 


  • Make a treasure map with clues to hide around your house and garden 
  • Make a fort or tent to play or read in
  • Paint rocks and make a rock family 
  • Paint flower pots and sew some seeds
  • Bake - (if you can find flour and eggs that is!)
  • Make puppets and put on a puppet show 
  • Make/ grow a mini garden 
  • Make paper trees – like we did in class!
  • Practise making paper planes
  • Do some junk modelling and make anything you want!
  • Make a little city or in a shoe box 
  • If you have lots of shoe boxes you could make a different room in each one and stick them together to make a house. 
  • Make bird feeders
  • Make your own book 
  • Do a puzzle 
  • Do some sewing, make something new out of something old 
  • Make home made play dough  (with food colouring and glitter)
  • Make a mini golf course 
  • Make bubble paintings outside 
  • Make dry pressed flowers between heavy books and paper. 
  • Play board games /dominoes/ card games
  • Make your own huge board game with question cards and your own counters
  • Make nature art in the garden (lots of ideas on Pinterest) 
  • Do some scientific investigations - check with parents first!
  • Set up an art gallery in your room or in the garden – make lots of different pictures for your family to see
  • If you have chalk draw a hop-scotch outside to play 
  • Play cat’s cradle 
  • Make things out of Lego