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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Thursday 14th May

Joe Wicks PE:


To access the minimaths tasks:

Go to

Click on year 6 arithmetic practice papers

Scroll down to week 21 and open

Write down the questions (or print) and solve them

Answers are available as 'days' under the answers link



For your maths task, go to and watch the videos to answers the questions on the activity under 'Summer Term - Week 1 - Angles in a triangle - missing angles (lesson 4)' and 'Summer Term - Week 2 - vertically opposite angles (lesson 1)'. Click on get 'Get the activity' to open up the activity to do. These can be printed or the answers can be written on paper (whatever is easier for you!).

The answers are also available for you to check your own work (after you have answered the questions!) - click 'get the answers'.


If anybody would like to have a game of Times Tables Rock Stars, I propose that at 10:45am-11:15am and/or 2:15pm-2:45pm you log on and we can try and get some games going against each other. I have put two times in case there are some of you who can't get on at one of those times and we will play daily!

No one has been able to beat me yet! My personal best is 76. Bring it on!



For your English task, you are going to edit and improve your ending for the Mayan story below. I shall upload the story at midday so you can find out how it finishes! Don't forget to include relative clauses, parentheses and a wide range of adventurous vocabulary to make this really stand out!


There is a spelling list below for you to practise and I would like you to select another 7 or 8 to practise. I would suggest that you try them and see which ones you know you need to work on!



For your science task, I would like you to find out about what evolution is, who the most important scientists in history were that discovered or developed the idea and then give examples of evidence of evolution. I have left a PowerPoint and an activity that has 3 levels of challenge (1* 2** 3***) for you to get your ideas down. There are also games on this link: (further down the page) to have a go at where you can see more than just animals have evolved!