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Woodside Primary School

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Thursday 23rd April

Happy St. George’s Day!

As it is St George’s Day, I am setting you an optional task of doing something to mark the day. Similarly to your optional Easter project, I leave this open ended for you to decide what to do. You may decide to make a poster about why St George’s Day is celebrated, you may want to reenact the story of St George, you may want to create a PowerPoint or write a retelling of the story, you may decide to design a machine that would’ve helped St George(!) or you may have another idea!

Any bits you decide to do, please send in so I can have a look!

Have fun and enjoy the day!

To access the minimaths tasks:

Go to

Click on year 6 arithmetic practice papers

Scroll down to week 18 and open

Write down the questions (or print) and solve them

Answers are available as 'days' under the answers link




If anybody would like to have a game of Times Tables Rock Stars, I propose that at 10:45am-11:15am and/or 2:15pm-2:45pm you log on and we can try and get some games going against each other. I have put two times in case there are some of you who can't get on at one of those times and we will play daily!

I am looking for people to beat me! My personal best is now 69. Bring it on!



For your English task, I would like you to write a script for a persuasive advert for your Rube Goldberg Machine that would be broadcast on TV.

This advert will need to 'sell' the Machine by telling people why they NEED it or WANT it. Notice the capitals there to emphasise that this could be life-changing for them and that they MUST buy your product.

This advert must be persuasive, should give the buyer all of the reasons why they need to buy it and even give them reasons why not buying it is not a good thing!

You could mention:

  • how this could save time, money, energy, etc...,
  • limited time offers,
  • additional offers (get ____ free/half price),
  • the unique selling point (why this is the one to buy and not any other),
  • the type of customer that this is aimed at.

Think about some of the best adverts that you have seen on TV, have a look at some of the examples and resources below and see if you can make a 30 second advert. (It can be longer or shorter, don't worry!)


There is a spelling list below for you to practise. I do not expect you to practise all of the spellings on the list. I would select maybe 7 or 8 from each section to practise. I would suggest that you try them and see which ones you know you need to work on!



For your art task today, I would like you to draw a cartoon/cartoon strip that shows your final version of a Rube Goldberg Machine fulfilling its purpose. See the Rube Goldberg cartoons as examples. This can be a single cartoon with all parts in one or this could be a cartoon strip where several sections can be divided (like a comic book) to show the order of the machine working.