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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Tuesday 24th March

Read for twenty minutes, if you can talk to somebody about what you have read.



Choose one of the activities from the PE icon (in ‘Other Resources’) I think lots of children are doing the ‘P.E. with Joe’ so it might be fun to do that - all together but in your own homes!



Read this diary entry

Today’s work is to start a diary entry of Neil Armstrong’s voyage to the moon.

I would like you to start with him waking up on the day he is going to leave Earth. How did he feel? What was his journey to the lift off base like? How did he feel getting into his space suit? (You might remember we read a text earlier this term about another astronaut – he said that he realised the socks he was putting on were the socks he was going to leave Earth in.)

Only do the first part until he gets into his space suit.

Remember, diaries should be written in the past tense and first person.



I have included a maths workbook. Please complete the first three pages. You can either print it or you can just write the answers onto paper.

ArtMiss Boyd has set you a project for the next few weeks. Today, I would like you to start this project


  • investigate the artwork of Claude Monet
  • learn about the ideas of Impressionism