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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Wednesday 20th May


Read for 20 minutes – talk to someone about your book if you can. If someone can ask you questions about your book, even better! Don’t forget you can read ‘First News’ too, or listen to some stories using these links:

I have given you this link before – it is for books online, in case you are running out!!


Choose a PE activity from the PE icon or tune in to ‘P.E. with Joe’, or go out in your garden and have fun!



You have two days to do this – so work to construct a good argument. CONTINUE FROM YESTERDAY


  1. Read the letters I have attached again to give you some ideas for language and sentence starters.
  2. Then I would like you to write a letter to Mrs Ginty, persuading her to hold a charity event (you could choose – maybe a cake sale or a sponsored run /skip – whatever you like) to raise money to give to Water Aid. Use the sentences you created yesterday too.
  3. I have also attached a structure that you can follow to help.
  4. Use the website to help you with ideas.




Look at the website below.

Scroll down and click on ‘Summer Term Week 2 (w/c 27th April)'


Play the video for lesson 1 ‘Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places’.  Be ready to pause the video and take notes.


Then click on ‘Get activity’ you can print the activity or just write the answers on paper – whichever is easier.




The Earth is made up of different layers. Have a look at the two power point slides I have attached, showing the structure of the earth.


C1 – copy the diagrams and show the different layers of the earth.


C2/C3 – Create a 3D model of the earth – be as creative as you can. Use any materials.


Some ideas might be plastercene, playdough, paper, card, or draw a chalk version outside.

Take a photo and send it to me!