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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Wednesday 22nd April

Reading – read for 20 minutes – talk to someone about your book if you can. If someone can ask you questions about your book, even better! Don’t forget you can read ‘First News’ too, or listen to some stories using these links:

I have given you this link before – it is for books online, in case you are running out!!


Choose a PE activity from the PE icon or tune in to ‘P.E. with Joe’!


I would like you to research a famous river. Some examples are: The Thames, The Ganges, The Nile, The Amazon, The Volga, and The Yangtze. The Rhine and many more.


I would like you to find out: the country/countries it is in, the length, the source and mouth, the wildlife and plants, how the river is used and any other facts you can find.


Just write your research as rough notes – we will write it up later.




To be able to identify different angles


These are the four angles you need to know:

Acute angles = less than 90°

Right angles = 90°

Obtuse angles = between 90° and 180°

Reflex angle = between 180° and 360°.

Complete the attached sheet. If you want to do more – have a look for the different types of angles around your home.


Our computing topic this term is called ‘Sound Matters’, where eventually, hopefully you will be able to compose your own music!

This is an exploring lesson – you don’t need to write anything – just think!!

Think about all these different types of sound recordings: audio books, music tracks, weather forecasts, traffic information, advertisements, news reports and interviews etc. What makes them successful? Can you imagine a news broadcast with an action film sound track playing – it wouldn’t be right would it?


Using this website below, you can listen to lots of different music. Think about all the different types of music and when they would be used to best effect. Is the music happy, sad, action packed, calm? Etc.