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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Wednesday 25th March

Reading - read for 20 minutes and discuss your book with someone in your house.



PE – Choose an activity from the PE activities in the PE icon– or just go in your garden if you have one and play football, or skip or use a hula-hoop – anything you enjoy!



Read my diary entry. Think about what I have included – varied sentence openers, short sentences, a semi-colon, ellipsis, fronted adverbials.

Now continue your diary entry as Neil Armstrong travels to the moon.

Think about the lift-off, the journey and the landing.

C1 – Make sure you use the past tense, first person, personal pronouns such I and we and paragraphs.

C2 – As above and include feelings and opinions and adventurous language, fronted adverbials and varied sentences starts.

C3 – As above and try to use adventurous punctuation such as a semi-colon, ellipsis and parenthesis.



I have set you some my maths.

Practise your tables on line here:


Our science topic is forces. I would like you to investigate air resistance. Air resistance is where the air pushes against something to slow something down.

Please watch this video:

How does a Parachute Work? - Science for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi presents: How does a parachute work? A parachute is a device used to slow down an object that is falling towards the ground. There are tw...

Investigate and make your own parachutes –

  • try and choose one object to attach to the parachute – maybe plasticine or a small ball.
  • you could either make several and test them together by dropping them at the same time and from the same height
  • or make them one at a time and time how long they take to fall.
  • you could use different types of paper, foil, fabric – be as creative as you can!
  • let me know which parachutes works best  - the one that takes the longest to fall to the ground.
  • Send me photos if you can!