Woodside has moved to remote learning for most children. We are only open for vulnerable and critical key worker children. Our nursery is open, but with limited capacity at the moment, based on our risk assessment. If you would like your child to attend please let us know.

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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Wednesday 25th March

Reading - read for 20 minutes and discuss your book with someone in your house.



PE – Choose an activity from the PE activities in the PE icon– or just go in your garden if you have one and play football, or skip or use a hula-hoop – anything you enjoy!



Read my diary entry. Think about what I have included – varied sentence openers, short sentences, a semi-colon, ellipsis, fronted adverbials.

Now continue your diary entry as Neil Armstrong travels to the moon.

Think about the lift-off, the journey and the landing.

C1 – Make sure you use the past tense, first person, personal pronouns such I and we and paragraphs.

C2 – As above and include feelings and opinions and adventurous language, fronted adverbials and varied sentences starts.

C3 – As above and try to use adventurous punctuation such as a semi-colon, ellipsis and parenthesis.



I have set you some my maths.

Practise your tables on line here:


Our science topic is forces. I would like you to investigate air resistance. Air resistance is where the air pushes against something to slow something down.

Please watch this video:

How does a Parachute Work? - Science for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi presents: How does a parachute work? A parachute is a device used to slow down an object that is falling towards the ground. There are tw...

Investigate and make your own parachutes –

  • try and choose one object to attach to the parachute – maybe plasticine or a small ball.
  • you could either make several and test them together by dropping them at the same time and from the same height
  • or make them one at a time and time how long they take to fall.
  • you could use different types of paper, foil, fabric – be as creative as you can!
  • let me know which parachutes works best  - the one that takes the longest to fall to the ground.
  • Send me photos if you can!