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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Wednesday 6th May


Read for 20 minutes – talk to someone about your book if you can. If someone can ask you questions about your book, even better! Don’t forget you can read ‘First News’ too, or listen to some stories using these links:

I have given you this link before – it is for books online, in case you are running out!!



Choose a PE activity from the PE icon or tune in to ‘P.E. with Joe’, although I think he has injured himself, but I believe his wife is taking over!! Just make sure you do something active!!



Today, I would like you to edit your poem. Just like we do at school – look for misspelt words and missing punctuation. Then try to improve your vocabulary and structure.


Then ‘best copy’ your poem, decorate it and try and find somewhere in your house to put it. ASK FIRST!!!


Maths -


To be able to add and subtract fractions


Continuing from yesterday.


We are continuing adding and subtracting fractions. Have a look at Monday’s page to remind you if you are not sure.


C1/C2 – complete numbers number 21 onwards. For the pyramids, you add the two fractions next to each other to get the fraction above. Don’t worry about the extension if you are not sure.


C3 – Word problems. As ever, if you are unsure choose an easier challenge.




To investigate the history of sound recording and understand how the technology has developed.


Music recording has changed a lot over time. If possible, either:


Talk to your parents, or even better grandparents about how they used to listen to music,


Or look up the history of recording music on the internet.


Some things you might want to look up or talk about are: the history of recorded sounds, from phonograph cylinders, gramophone records, magnetic tape recording to CDs, MP3 recorders and streamed music.