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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

Year 6

I will see you soon!!!!! Remember that!!!smiley

Dear all,

As you will be learning from home for a while, I have set you various activities which will be updated regularly.


Please click on the 'Home Learning' icon below to find the activities and the resources you will need.


I have also included an extra resources icon for any other bits that may be useful.


Any submissions from children will also be added soon, feel free to send messages, pictures, videos and anything else to keep me updated with what you’re up to! However, please send anything from your parent’s email accounts and not any of your own personal ones as I am not allowed to respond to those!


Remember to send in any work/projects that you complete to (from your parent's email accounts).


Mr M

A quick link below to our Woodside challenges! 

Feel free to submit your own challenges or any other things you can think of to from your parent's email accounts (with their permission!).

We already have a crossbar challenge started!

Let's see what Woodside has got!

Mr M


Welcome to Year 6!


On this page are examples of our fantastic work, photos of our trips and activities in class. More will be added over time but enjoy these for now!


We have been learning all about light and electricity.

We have found out that light is a very fascinating scientific occurrence as it can involve a range of colour, or in some cases, nothing but 'white' light!

We have reflected, refracted, blocked and made light to see what happens and why.

We have also found out about how electrical circuits work, what is needed to complete a circuit and built some of own circuits.

Here we are in action when making circuits to make lights and in this case, even send messages using light and Morse code.