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Woodside Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


Welcome to Woodside Primary School.


We would like to offer you a warm welcome to Woodside Primary School.


At Woodside, we are passionate about ensuring that each and every child develops with self-confidence, developing a growth mind set and achieving their full potential in every aspect of school life. We believe that the whole child should be nurtured as well as aiming for each child in our care to leave ready for their next educational chapter.


Learning at Woodside is engaging and we follow a thematic curriculum, linking areas of learning together to allow our children to have a depth of learning whilst offering a broad and balanced learning experience. We use trips and visitors wherever possible to enhance learning. We believe that children learn best by having hands on experiences.


“Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I will remember.

Involve me and I will understand.” – Confucius 450BC.


We believe that children need to experience the 21st century methods of learning and are constantly updating our technology as well as refining out teaching methods to ensure that our children receive the best teaching. We are all life long learners.


From the moment the children arrive in our care, be it nursery, reception or later on, we like to get to know them and their families and welcome you to join in with every aspect of school life. Every parent is automatically enrolled into the PTA and we welcome volunteers to come in and help out.


We like to keep you informed about your child and our staff are happy to talk to you about how they are getting on. We have regular informative meetings with parents and run workshops to help you keep up with what they are learning in school- I know from my own experience how different learning is today from when I was at school.

We hope that you agree that Woodside is a great school where children achieve well.

Caroline Ginty